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Magic Eyes Stretch Ring

Brand: Magic eyes

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Choose your style and get hard. These two sets of stretchy rings allow you to choose the intensity you want.

Magic Eyes Stretch Ring

ID: 8107

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1 set / 40g


Product Review

Type A 大環太大感覺不太有效, 細環又太緊感覺壓得不舒服
Type B 反而比較好, 3環大小合適, 有感覺持久一點
看到另一單買2環的評論說易斷, 就試了買這款, 反正也包括了一樣2環的Type A和附加3環Type B, 價錢差不多買2個2環, 想不到3環令我有意外收獲~
Reviewer:匿名, 2020/11/18 上午 11:33:09

Product Details

Magic Eyes Stretch Ring includes two sets of rings, one of which is two attached rings (Type-A) and the other is three attached rings (Type-B). Type-A is made up of one large ring and one small ring that overlap, one for testicles and one for the penis, to let you show your full potential. Type-B is made up of three rings connected in a straight line that gets progressively larger. The largest ring goes over both the penis and testicles, the middle ring goes over the testicles, and the penis is then inserted through the front ring. Type-B further tightens the root of your penis and testicles, which allows you to experience even more endurance and intense stimulation.

Product Characteristic:
- Suitable for beginners
- Flexible
- One size fits most

Product Spec:
- Type-A small ring diameter 13mm
- Type-A large ring diameter 32mm
- Type-B small ring diameter 20mm
- Type-B middle ring diameter 24mm
- Type-B large ring diameter 40mm
- Made from TPE material

Imported from Japan