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Toynary SM25 - 50°C Love Candle

Brand: Toynary

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Make your lover feel some pain and add excitement to your bedroom adventures.

Toynary SM25 - 50°C Love Candle

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1pc / 170g


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Product Details

Toynary SM25 - 50'C Love Candle burns at about 50'C and will not hurt your skin. It will only bring a hot time to you and your lover. Mix and match with other Toynary SM series products.

Product Characteristic:
- Red in color
- burns at about 50'C
- does not burn skin

Product Spec:
- 3.9" (~10cm)

- Do not drip on the eyes
- Beware of the flame

Directions for use:
1. Light the candle, and dribble directly on your lover's body.
2. Control the temperature of the wax coming into contact with the skin by adjusting the distance between the candle and skin. The greater the distance, the lower the temperature; the shorter the distance, the higher the temperature.
3. The wax can be easily removed from the skin. Applying a skin conditioner, such as oil, to the skin beforehand can make it easier to remove the wax, as well as lessen the pain.

Made in China