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S&M Essentials - Bed Spreader


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A versatile, fit-all restraint kit, Bed Spreader manages to transform any bed into a bondage scene. It has 4 long straps that could extend into corners and strap your partner, easily cuffing them up with highly adjustable velcro cuffs. Or if you prefer another material, you could also opt for your own collections and still utilise the perks of the Bed Spreader.

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Product Details

This bondage tool is an essential item for easy and quick bondage. As opposed to traditional cuffs, the person being cuffed could just stretch out their limbs, and let the other person conveniently wrap each cuff around their ankles or wrist.

The cuffs are independent from the straps, making it possible for users to connect the straps with the cuffs of their liking, adding versatility to the Bed Spreader’s function.

The bigger the bed, the wider the person spreads out their body. The final visual image of the submissive person being stretched out on the bed will definitely make it hard not to do anything to them.

Product characteristics:
- Long enough straps to install underneath the bed
- Fits all mattresses; better effects with bigger beds
- Strong straps and velcro cuffs
- Enhanced with sturdy swivel clips and loops big O-ring fasteners

- Central Strap length: 1.4m

Imported from USA