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Je Joue - Onyx Vibro Butt Plug

Brand: Je Joue

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The Onyx butt vibrator is designed for its weighted fulfilling experience.

Je Joue - Onyx Vibro Butt Plug - Black

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1pc / 100g


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Product Details

The Onyx butt vibrator is designed for its weighted fulfilling experience. It's name means black gemstone, which has inspired and multiple, gem-like edges, which provide a sensational feeling of fullness for the wearer. Its silky soft silicone and heavy stature will allow for uniquely pleasurable use. The powerfully low-frequency rumbling vibrations will penetrate your pleasure spots from deep within.

The Onyx vibrating butt plug offers a weighted experience that aims to offer intense positive energy from the powerful low-frequency vibrations when worn. The hexagonal shape offers equally placed ridges for you to explore during wear, making the fullness of the sex toy feel stable as you move around.

Comes with a practical Bluetooth remote which connects once you turn Onyx on. To use the travel lock simply hold the + and - together for a few seconds whilst off. It's the same process to unlock.

Onyx is one of Je Joue's more advance butt plugs and may require more foreplay and water-based lube before insertion.

Onyx's soft, tapered tip allows for comfortable insertion after your body is aroused and relaxed. Tease the hexagonal shape of the sex toy in your body by rotating the ridges over your sweet spots.

Experiment by controlling the Onyx butt plug with a remote as you explore different sex positions - or even hand over the remote control over to a partner.

We recommend washing your toys after every use. You can buy toy cleaner or you can simply wash in soapy water and leave in a cool place to dry. Then store somewhere safe (you don't want to lose track of your favourite toy).

5 speeds and 7 patterns
USB rechargeable
100% Bodysafe
100% waterproof
100% Vegan

A weighted hexagonal vibrating butt plug, Onyx is ideal for those that enjoy a weighted experience with their butt plugs.

Height: 117mm / 11.7 cm
Width: 62.5mm / 6.25 cm
Depth: 30.5mm / 3.05 cm
Insertable Length: 105mm / 10.5 cm
Weight 84.1g