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Balldo Starter Set

Brand: Balldo

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Discover a whole new method of penetration with the Balldo brand! Thanks to this starter set it is possible to penetrate your partner with the scrotum.

Balldo Starter Set - Purple

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Product Details

The creator of this brand, Jerry Davis, carried out extensive research into the different possibilities in this area: after all, the scrotum is actually not used by most people during penetration and that initially sounds logical. But imagine if this was possible and in an innovative way? Be honest, every man would want to experience that surely?

How does it work?
The starter set consists of 3 parts: 1 plug and 2 rings. All made of soft and stretchy silicone for a comfortable fit.
Start by shaving the scrotum and apply plenty of water-based lubricant.
Stretch the cone as far as necessary and gently slide it over the scrotum (i.e., not over the penis).
With the 2 extra rings you create more stability: this can be necessary if your scrotum has more skin. Stretch the ring and slide it over the plug.

The top of the plug is solid and provides directed movement and steering during penetration. This way you retain total control and you or your partner can simultaneously stimulate the penis or other erogenous zone.

The Balldo set gives a whole new meaning to exploring and experimenting together! The well thought out design makes it easy to use and you can't go far wrong.

It is also possible to purchase extra rings for your own perfect fit.

Measurements: total length of the plug is 110 mm.
The maximum outside dimension is 50 mm.
The outer diameter of the ring is 50 mm and the inner diameter is designed 30 mm.
The width of the ring is 10 mm.

Be careful not to go beyond your physical limits. Do not wear the Balldo for too long when you feel pain. Pain is a warning sign from your body. If your testicles turn blue or feel cold we recommend taking the Balldo off immediately.

Clean all the components after use with a toy cleaner or a mild, antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. Store them in a dust-free location.