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Conceive Plus Pregnancy Test 2's Pack


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Whether you are experiencing early pregnancy symptoms, or your period is a few days late, this at-home pregnancy test is a good place to start.

Conceive Plus Pregnancy Test 2's Pack

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Whether you are experiencing early pregnancy symptoms, or your period is a few days late, this at-home pregnancy test is a good place to start.

Introducing The #1 Set Of Early Pregnancy Tests By Conceive Plus!

No need to compromise with unreliable pregnancy test strips, an inaccurate early pregnancy test, or waste money on a fake pregnancy test.

Conceive Plus offers a pregnancy test set that is accurate and sensitive enough to test 6 days before your missed period.

Why Choose Our Early Pregnancy Tests Set? Here Are The Top 3 Reasons!

PROVEN-ACCURATE PREGNANCY TEST: It is not fun to play the guessing game at an emotional time. That’s why our early pregnancy test can be really helpful. It is ready to read in 1-3 minutes and provides a 99% accurate negative or positive result.

EFFICIENT IN EARLY PREGNANCY: This pregnancy test detects a hormone in your urine called hCG, the levels of which rise rapidly in early pregnancy. It can trace extra-low hormone levels and lets you know whether you are pregnant 6 days before your next period.

BUDGET-FRIENDLY PREGNANCY DETECTION: Instead of taking an expensive visit to the test lab, you can now find out if you are pregnant easily and fast, in the comfort of your home. The Conceive Plus pregnancy test is ideal for couples who are trying to conceive.

Need More Reasons?
✔ Step-By-Step Instructions Included
✔ Fast Positive, Negative, Invalid Results
✔ Widely-Trusted Brand

Early Detect Pregnancy Test: The Conceive Plus early pregnancy test is designed for your convenience. It provides rapid results up to 6 days before your next period and saves you the guesswork about whether you are pregnant or not.

Results In Just 1-3 Minutes: Wondering if you are pregnant can feel like some of the longest of your life. Our at-home pregnancy test can give you a fast answer to the big question you’re asking in a matter of minutes.

Easy To Use And Convenient: This midstream pregnancy test kit is super-easy to use: hold the absorbent tip in your stream of urine, or collect your urine in a clean cup, dip half of the absorbent tip in it and get a reliable result.

99% Accurate Pregnancy Test: Our pregnancy test is proven efficient in detecting pregnancy hormone levels with 99% accuracy. It detects as little as 10 MIU of hCG for early pregnancy and provides a rapid positive or negative result.

Great Value Pregnancy Kit: We offer you 2 complete pregnant test kits at an affordable price. If the first pregnancy test is negative, it might be too early to tell if you are pregnant. Try waiting a few days, then check again with the second test.

What You Get:
2 * Test Cassettes
2 * Collection Cups
2 * Transfer Devices
2 * Bottles Of Buffer Solution
2 * Instruction Leaflets