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The Sweden-made, double-motor electronic vibrational masturbator that can defeat Japan’s realistic masturbator - LELO F1s V2?!

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Wanta’s Sex Toys Enthusiast, “Hero” has once again found a toy you definitely cannot miss out! It is the ONE & ONLY NEWEST product - F1s V2 Vibrating Masturbator, made by LELO, the famous Sweden sex toy company!

It belongs to the topest in god-tier among all of the vibrating masturbators I’ve tried!

Mainly because it can maximise the stimulations in a “teasing style”!

Why? Let's go check out

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Overall Performance >>

Review on F1s V2 >>

Tips on Manual Use >>

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Review Summary>>

WANTA - 【Limited Offer】

For each purchase of LELO F1s V2 Vibrating Masturbator, is gifted with SOD Lotion. *Offer ends on August 13, 2021.

Overall Performance

- High intensity and flexibility in usage
- Easy to use; can operate hands-free
- Easy to clean and quick to dry
- Large battery capacity
- Extremely quiet

Demerits: Relatively deep internally - when cleaning, fingers might not be able to reach the deepest ends, but thorough cleaning can be achieved with cleaning tools (e.g. toothbrush).

Review on LELO F1s V2

by Hero

Can you feel how excited that is?;)

To be honest, I haven’t been a huge fan of vibrating masturbators. I am more of a Japanese-realistic-masturbators type of guy. But, when I tried F1s V2 for the very first time, I already felt a sway in my loyalty to Japanese masturabators. After my sweet release, my perceptions on Western-made masturbators have changed rather drastically.

F1s V2 has brought me comfort and arousal that is equally matched with Japan’s most elite realistic masturbators. However, they cannot replace each other!

Based on personal experience, technology and automation can provide you with an interface on the device, or a mobile app, for users to control the functions such as “vibrations”, “massages”, and “pressure” of the masturbator’s inner walls. Even though it does not imitate the realisticness of a Japanese masturbator or an actual vagina, it can also be used for penetration.

The sleeve is very easy to use. Imagine having worked all day that you cannot even have energy to spare for your hands. All you want to do is to lie on the bed and “relieve some stress”. This is the perfect timing to put on F1s V2. Without exerting energy on your muscles (apart from your penis), you can easily enjoy the pseudo experience of being served when masturbating.

My entire meat feels engulfed by the intense tunnel... while also feels as if a soft hand is massaging it, with the head being licked quickly by a tongue…

There are just so many different ways to play with it. Each setting gives you an unbelievably unique kind of pleasure. This is the most unforgettable sensation while using it.

In here I will gladly recommend my favourite way of using it - having the pillow secure the F1s V2 on bed, you can enter hands-free mode.

It’s like having a partner giving you massage and stimulation, allowing users to fully relax and focus on the lovely view… if you know what I mean ;)

Since it provides users with a diversity of modes, it comes with limitless possibilities and pleasure. It’s quick when you want to, slow when you want to. It can also concentrate on pleasing the head, or disperse its area of stimulation.

F1s V2 is a masturbator you MUST have!

F1s V2 is also waterproof, easy to clean and quick to dry!

Have you ever thought of the hassle of cleaning masturbators that you decided to just use your hand instead?

F1s V2’s open tunnel design allows the whole masturbator to be really convenient to flush water into and drain water out of. Users can easily use their fingers to aid rinsing as well. After cleaning, one only needs to place it on the stand for quick drying, since the opening is enough for air circulation, while the high quality silicone also makes it very durable, with water being able to slip away for its waterproof design.

If you wish for even more convenience for drying, we recommend using Toynary Diatomaceous Earth Quick Dry Stick!
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F1s V2 Tips on Manual Use

STEP 1: Apply a generous amount of LELO Personal Moisturizer to F1S™ V2A internal sleeve. The more, the better.

STEP 2: Switch on and slowly insert yourself. F1S™ V2A will begin working when it senses you’re inside.
Note: After insertion, position the masturbator with the transparent plastic surface branded with LELO on the left hand side, since the upper half part of F1s V2 has a designated stimulation spot for the head.

STEP 3: With the correct positioning, hold down the power button situated on the upper middle part of the masturbator, until the white light surrounding the button blinks. Then press onto the button again to adjust and switch the 4 default modes within the device. Play with the power settings until you find a vibration that brings a longer and more powerful climax;)

F1s V2 App Instructions Manual & Demonstration

The Most All-rounded Detailed Tutorial with Many Options

1. Download the remote control app - LELO F1S, from the IOS/Android mobile App Store.

2. Open the app, and the software will soon request you to activate your masturbator. Then, hold down the power button. (Make sure that the Bluetooth on your mobile phone is on)

3. Once the software detects your activated masturbator through Bluetooth connection, you should press onto the power button again to confirm connection. You won’t need to repeat these procedures after the initial connection.

4. If users encounter this frame - open-interface sextech console, it means that the phone and masturbator have successfully connected. In the middle, there are two options - “PLAY” and “MODE CREATOR”. “PLAY” activates F1s V2, while “MODE CREATOR” allows users to freely set the patterns and modes of the masturbator.

5. Choosing “PLAY” will bring you to this frame - Sextech Control Panel. It is located as two round indicators at the upper middle part. They respectively represent the masturbator’s:
-“MOTOR 1”, upper half portion: focuses on head stimulation
-“MOTOR 2”, lower half portion: focuses on stimulation other than the head area
-The two sides have the buttons “-“ and “+”, which are for controlling the vibration pattern and intensity.

-The round indicators below “MOTOR 1” and “MOTOR 2” on the right has a button that allows you to choose from 7 different vibrational patterns.
-“DEPTH” shows how deep the penis is into the tunnel (can be switched off with the button on the right)
-The one at the very bottom is the Start/Pause button, allowing you to take an emergency break when needed.

It is like a racing game! You can be as wild as you want!

Review Summary

There are already numerous vibrating/electronic masturbators in the market, but to be frank, most of them are not worth trying (the kind of masturbator that cannot seem to make you cum no matter how it vibrates and stimulates). That is why many curious users hesitate to make a purchase… But I guarantee you LELO F1s V2 won’t ever disappoint you! You will even discover how thrilling it is to experience “Teasing Stimulation”. With a variety of interesting masturbating modes, it is as fun as playing video games!

I hereby crown F1s V2 with the title - “Absolute Tease”!

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