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How to Feel Sensually Empowered with LELO ENIGMA

by Nathalie Sommer - Swiss Relationship & Intimacy Coach

We, WANTA have invited a certified Relationship & Intimacy Coach, Nathalie Sommer to review the Dual Stimulation Sonic Massager, LELO ENIGMA and to teach you about Self-Care and Sensual Empowerment.

Nathalie Sommer is a certified Relationship & Intimacy Coach, Women's Transformational Coach, speaker and international workshop facilitator. She has been working as a life coach, intuitive guide and healer for almost 16 years, and she now uses these modalities by combining them with her sensual embodiment & individuals and couples transformational work. She made it her mission to enable individuals and couples to experience greater intimacy, deeper connections, and to feel emotionally empowered inside and outside the bedroom.

You can visit her official website to find out more about her services, or take Nathalie's Eros Archetype Quiz. You can also follow her on Instagram or join her Eros Temple For Modern Women Facebook Group for chats all about relationships, pleasure and sex.

What Makes LELO ENIGMA An Amazing Lover?

I’ve been enjoying some wonderful intimate moments with my new lover LELO ENIGMA.

The LELO ENIGMA is a luxurious dual-action sonic massager designed to stimulate both the full clitoris (visible and unseen) and the G-spot, for an intense orgasm in which you will believe you are orbiting off this planet. With the best sonic waves for the outer part of the clitoris and gentle pulsations in the inner part of your body, the ENIGMA moves in the right places to offer you an orgasm you will never forget. Sounds good, right?!

Read on to learn some tips to help me feel sensually empowered with the LELO ENIGMA. I promise you I won’t get too technical but get ready to learn some powerful tools to help claim your sensual being through this powerful and well-designed toy.

Warning - pleasurable experiences with the ENIGMA can lead to deep and profound self-growth, allowing you to feel more sexually empowered. Are you ready?!

Feel Sensually Empowered with LELO ENIGMA

Pleasure and Orgasms

Hands up if you have a particular style or routine when it comes to sex or self-pleasuring! You’ve figured out what works for you in the bedroom, you’re comfortable with your routine and know that it will most likely lead to the big O. But maybe you’re left wondering if there’s more you can do to prolong that feeling of satisfaction. Long term routine and repetition won’t allow you to experience a different level of pleasure and it won’t open you up to richer, more fulfilling sexual adventures. I’m not sure what types of orgasm you enjoy, but what if I were to tell you that there are different types of orgasms that will leave you feeling amazing.

I know many of us grew up experimenting with clitoral orgasms, which are experienced by the friction-based rubbing of the clitoris which leads to a very direct and localised explosion of pleasure. Think of it as a genital sneeze! There is a build-up, leading into an explosion. These are wonderful, and I don’t encourage you to stop having them BUT (with a little practice) your body also has the capability to experience totally different types of sensual pleasure, including blended orgasms. That’s what makes the ENIGMA so amazing and why I love it so much because it stimulates your clitoris and your G-spot! With the option to activate both types of stimulation, the ENIGMA allows you to experience two different types of climaxes. It truly is designed for the most curious who wish to immerse themselves in new pleasures to discover. The LELO ENIGMA creates the perfect balance between pulsating and massaging changes in air pressure for your G-spot.

This means that the approximately 8,000 nerve endings of the sensitive clitoris are never over-stimulated.

Enjoy a new kind of extraordinary orgasm – even if you’ve never experienced an orgasm before.

Practice Self-Care with LELO ENIGMA

It’s obvious that it’s important to connect to your feminine sensual pleasure; however, I feel we need to be constantly reminded to take care of our psychological, emotional, and physiological needs. It’s easy to lose touch with your innermost being when you’re constantly chasing your tail and you’re not making time for pleasure.

Do you have a self-pleasure practice that allows you to relax fully, gives you pleasure and nurtures your whole being? That’s fantastic if you do. If you don’t have practice, let me share mine and let’s look at how you can create a pleasure practice with the LELO ENIGMA that helps you stay connected to your feminine sensual being (it’s time to ditch the boring routine).

Some simple practices I suggest:

- After having a shower, moisturize your body slowly and give your body some nice nurturing touch. Or give yourself a breast massage. A breast massage can be very soothing and calming. It’s great for detoxing, and it produces the love hormone oxytocin, which will leave you glowing from the inside out. This will create anticipation for more pleasure. Plus, it will lift and firm your breasts, and who doesn’t want that?

- Why not enjoy some juicy foreplay? Enjoy some light organic appetizers beforehand (think strawberries). Then set up an environment that feels delicious - think dimmed lights, candles, and your favourite sex music playlist. Whatever gets your juices flowing (pun intended).

- It’s time to get intimate with your ENIGMA lover. What we are aiming for here is anticipation and yearning (this gets me going every time). Get in the mood by touching different erogenous zones. Then slowly use upward strokes along your inner thighs, over your pubic bone and belly without touching your pussy (this creates anticipation and brings blood flow towards your genitals). Then switch on the ENIGMA and let it sit on your pubic bone and let the vibration pulsate through your pelvic floor to help build arousal and yearning.

- When your pussy becomes a FULL YES for wanting MORE, that’s when you use the LELO Personal Moisturizer. Lather up your vulva and your toy with the smooth liquid and let the fun begin.

How to Feel Sensually Empowered & Fulfilled

As a woman, you may find yourself wanting to nurture and take care of everyone. But it’s easy to feel that you’re overextending yourself or that there aren’t enough hours in the day. Perhaps you are unable to nurture your needs or give yourself the space to do so. This can lead to losing focus on yourself and not feeling sensual, that’s why making time for your pleasure is essential to help nurture your own needs.

Let pleasure take the lead. Close your eyes, lie back, and let your toy pamper you.

Why not have your partner there too (for double pleasure)? What makes this lover so powerful is that without making direct contact, ENIGMA sonic waves stimulate your clitoris for very sensual pleasure. Its silicone has been manufactured to absorb sonic waves and return them to your clitoris for a deeper, but softer sensation. The inner part vibrates in sync with the sonic waves, stimulating your G-spot. This allows for deeper surrender to your pleasure, and it will take your orgasm to a whole other and prolonged level, especially if you have a hard time having an orgasm either alone or with a partner.

So How Do We Connect to Our Innermost Sensual Being with LELO ENIGMA?

We need to go on a path of self-discovery, and the best way to do that is with the LELO ENIGMA. Do you know how to turn on that switch that leads to pleasure?

Do you know the turn offs that make you short circuit and disconnect from your lover? Do you prefer soft and gentle or powerful and intense?

Everybody is different and the LELO ENIGMA understands that.

Its balanced intensity levels have been designed using feedback from hundreds of women worldwide. This ensures one thing: there is a perfect intensity for every individual, every level of sensitivity and every mood. Taking some time to yourself to discover your turn on and turn offs are essential. If you’re ready to learn what it’s like to finally touch and be touched in a way that honours your desires, then take this quiz to discover your erotic love language.

Tantric Massage with LELO ENIGMA

Tantra is all about exploring your sensuality through an erotic build-up. Touching and teasing are key, with a focus on making every touch count.

This makes massage a very powerful tantric tool. Plus, for many, it can also be the key to multiple orgasms! Here’s how to get started. First, decide who wants to be the “giver”, and who wants to be the “receiver”. While the giver moves their hands slowly and meditatively along the receiver’s body using different types of strokes and touches, the receiver gets to just lie back and surrender, fully tuning into their own pleasure. If you’re the giver, try playing with the intensity and rhythm of the massage. This will raise the intensity to a whole other level. Another important tip is to stimulate undiscovered erogenous zones! After massaging the whole body, start by stimulating areas that you do not usually consider to be erotic, including the neck, bum, back of the knees, inner thighs and elbow crooks (though remember, everyone is different!). Then, gently increase the intensity through ebb and flow, before gradually becoming more intimate by using the LELO ENIGMA to build up towards the big O (let your partner know how you like it).

There’s three reasons why I experience transcendental joy with the LELO ENIGMA and why I love it so much:

Without making direct contact, the sonic waves offer clitoral stimulation for deeper yet softer sensation.

Simultaneously caressing the clitoris (both the part that is seen and the part that is not) and the vagina. This helps me experience deep powerful blended orgasms. Plus, I can choose if I want to only use one or the other. Sometimes I only crave external stimulation and sometimes I crave internal stimulation. It’s basically two toys in one.

With a flexible internal stimulator with very powerful vibrations that stimulate your G-spot. Because it’s so flexible (many aren’t’), it perfectly moulds itself to my body.

Tapping into your sensual feminine power and our pleasure is a continuous journey. We need to keep evolving and growing in the relationship we have with ourselves and our sexuality.

The LELO ENIGMA and it’s very well thought out design to empower women in their sexuality, is the perfect lover to go on this journey with. I highly recommend it!

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