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Are You Ladies Ready to Get Spoiled by Intensive “Blended Orgasms”?!

Now, Scream for LELO ENIGMA💜

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Have you ever experienced both clitoral and vaginal climax at the same time? Do you know what is a Blended Orgasm? This year, a well-known Swedish intimate lifestyle company, LELO, has pushed the orgasm limits even higher and released ENIGMA 💜

LELO ENIGMA is a Dual Stimulation Sonic Massager.

It is a combination of LELO’s 2 LEGENDARY, FAMOUS & ORGASMIC Best-selling Vibrators: SONA 2 (Cruise) & their signature G-Spot Vibrator, SORAYA. It stimulates your C-Spot & G-Spot at the same time with its 3 main otherworldly features:
1. SenSonic Suction Technology
2. Double Vibrator, Double Arousal
3. Ergonomic Internal Stimulator - G-Spot Vibrators

The Best & New Kind of Dual Vibrator of This Year!

Mistress Mona from Wanta's Sex Toys Enthusiasts Team TESTED & REVIEWED ENIGMA.

I didn't only lose strength in my legs while moaning and squirting... I even had a Crymax - Crying Orgasm, full of tears of joy by using that! It is because ENIGMA hits both C-Spot & G-Spot overwhelmingly and gives me a holy grail of blended orgasms! #LELOamIfreaky

I Guarantee You a “Blended Orgasm”! Get Your Paper Towel Ready ;)

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Honest Review & Instant Tips on Enjoying ENIGMA>>

LELO ENIGMA - Overall Performance & Rating >>

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LELO ENIGMA - Overall Performance & Honest Rating

By Wanta's Sex Toys Enthusiasts

Pros & Cons of LELO ENIGMA

Pros: This is the most reasonable, orgasmic & FLEXIBLE G-Spot Dildo with a Clitoral Sucking Vibrator. You get 2 vibrators at the price of one and they are able to be used separately if you desire. It is a buy-one-get-one-free of sheer pleasure.

Cons: It could be a little overwhelming for a beginner.

Honest Review & Tips on Enjoying ENIGMA

by Mistress Mona

Credits: LELO

The Creation of ENIGMA is Flawless!

It’s not only the perfect match for “LELO SONA 2 / SILA Suction Vibrator Lovers” but also a bliss for you and your vagina!


ENIGMA is a Dual Stimulation Sonic Massager as an impeccable combination of LELO SONA 2 - Suction Vibrator & LELO SORAYA (WAVE) - (Swinging) Rabbit Vibrator. Designed for your clitoris, it includes the 360° SenSonic Suction Stimulation from SONA, while the curved arm from SORAYA reaches your G-spot easily. Not to mention that its futuristic/cyberpunk colour palette, is definitely refreshing and rare in the sex toy industry. It also kind of looks like a stunning alien in some perspectives. Add ENIGMA into your sex toy collection now!

Before I put ENIGMA inside me, I bent ENIGMA wide open as it is super flexible, unlike other dual vibrators.

I rested the body of the toy on my butt cheeks and used the external suction vibrator to warm up my vagina first. As someone who loves suction vibrators and tried both LELO SONA 2 (Cruise) & LELO SORAYA WAVE, I can tell the differences between these 3 vibrators.

First, the external suction vibrator of ENIGMA:
-The size is relatively smaller and thinner than SONAs, therefore it’s easier to hold.
-It is extremely quiet, quieter than the SONAs but remains strong.
-Providing you a 360° Suction Stimulation by LELO’s SENSONIC™ TECHNOLOGY, sonic waves offer clitoral stimulation for a deeper and gentler sensation without making direct contact.

Once my vagina was ready and wet enough for “further and deeper” stimulation… I lubed up ENIGMA using LELO Personal Moisturizer, and put it in…


Credits: LELO

LELO filmed this for a reason! I literally felt this orgasmic when I was using ENIGMA!

The tail of ENIGMA is even more curved than SORAYA’s, as it presses and sends vibration onto my G-Spot vigorously. Normally, many vibrations are not satisfying enough for my G-Spot but because of the sonic waves that make my clit keep on contracting. I couldn’t hold but cum again and again.

Everyone has a preference for G-Spot stimulation, so you can use ENIGMA to find & explore your G-Spot and play with it however you desire! Furthermore, the suction vibrator can stay still and will not hump onto the clitoris when you are using the inner part as it is flexible. Therefore, it will not cause any discomfort to play with it.

There are 4 methods to stimulate your G-Spot with ENIGMA:
-Pressing & Massaging
-In & Out
-(Holding the suction vibrator and go) Up & Down

Credits: LELO

Both parts of ENIGMA - suction vibrator and G-Spot vibrator are like 2 masters.

“Torturing” me and “attacking” my pleasure points until I reached my blended orgasms! I couldn’t help but keep cumming…and had a Crying Orgasm, full of tears of joy by using that!

I legit had an Ahegao face, so you can imagine how intensive my blended orgasms were!

"With both clitoral and vaginal climax together, that’s the MOST INTENSIVE BLENDED ORGASMS EVER!"

In addition, Your partner(s) can also join in this sensual journey by holding the c-shaped/ curved area to thrust in and out or massage the G-Spot. I’m sure your partner will get super turned on by then and can’t wait to go in and out of you;)

ENIGMA also taught people how to hit the G-Spot right by curling up 2-3 fingers. Inserting 2 fingers in will not create vaginal climax but hitting the right angle and locations will.

LELO ENIGMA is One of The BEST Dual Vibrators in The World Today

Based on my 6 years of experience using Rabbit Vibrators, ENIGMA is the BEST “Dual Stimulation Rabbit Vibrator” ever! The design of some other dual vibrators can only locate and stimulate my C-Spot but not my G-Spot or the other way around; Some are like the external bullet vibrators are too far from my clit or the internal G-Spot Vibrator are not curved enough. I ended up having to hold 2 vibrators simultaneously to stimulate both my C & G-Spots, so my hands were very tired. However, LELO ENIGMA solves all the problems that I mentioned above.

In spite of its mysterious name, ENIGMA promises to satisfy on a clitoral, vaginal, and erogenous level. Thanks to LELO, my orgasm standard is even higher than ever!

So Don’t Waste Your Time Anymore, Cum & Explore this “Unknown Pleasure” Now;)!

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