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The One and Only Swimsuit Clad Onahole

Flip Open the Swimsuit and Penetrate Deep Inside Ishihara's Vagina!

Dress Her Up in a Sexy Japanese Highschool Girl's Swimsuit!

With the weather getting hotter, all men fantasize about their time spent at the beach with blue skies and white clouds, being seduced by beautiful women wearing hot and sexy swimsuits... How can you not be prepared for this season of lust?

So, I, "The Hero", decided to share with you today this NPG Beautiful Girl With Big Boobs in Swimsuit - Ishihara Nozomi. Let her put on the Japanese high school girl swimsuit that all men dream of.

UNLEASH your desires in the coming summer heat!

NPG Beautiful Girl With Big Boobs in Swimsuit -
Ishihara Nozomi

The box contains the masturbation cup, a bottle of lubricant specially made for it, and a miniature set of Japanese high school girls' swimsuit.

The masturbation cup is designed with reference to the sexy body of Ishihara Nozomi from hip to bust, with huge perky breasts, pink vagina, and a white, soft, and flexible girl's body with the actress' autograph engraved on it. The interior is designed with a spiral flesh pattern that surrounds the entire vagina and ends with a tiny cervix.

This Japanese school girl high school style swimsuit is made of strong material, and hard to damage. The swimming suit design is very detailed: It is a simulation of the typical dark blue Japanese school swimsuit. The detachment between the swimsuit and the bikini bottom makes it even more realistic.

Users who love erotic swimsuits can put it on her and freely adjust the way she wears it (e.g. exposing only one breast or two breasts), It's perfect to put it on and thrust!

I highly recommend using her lubricant! I have used three types of lubricants with different viscosities: high, medium, and low. This one is a medium viscosity since it fits perfectly with this masturbation cup, and the lubricant is also excellent for other masturbation cups as well!

Everything looks so pure
Until you put it in this hole

I can't believe that under this innocent appearance, she is actually so lustful and comfortable.
I almost fell in love with her.

The entrance to the vagina is tight and wraps your penis tightly. After inserting, it was almost as if our bodies bonded together. The young girl's vagina completely wrapped around my penis, while she was very thick, so there was never any excessive tightness. The softness and elasticity of the lining are extremely high, which makes it very comfortable to use and greatly enhances the happiness and intimacy towards your fantasized target. If you want a tighter vagina or to add the visual effect of an erotic swimsuit to your masturbation cup, don't forget to help her put on her swimsuit first!

The spiral flesh pattern in the inner wall of the vagina brings a huge sucking stimulation to the penis!

bricant made for her, it was like experiencing the awakening of a young girl's lust, and her uncontrollable juices just kept enveloping my entire penis!

Value-For-Money Masturbation Cup

Made from high-quality material, weighing 800 grams, and it comes with its own lubricant and a Japanese high school girl's swimsuit. This is an otaku's dream come true!

After I got and used her, she quickly became one of my favorites.
I am so lucky to have her!