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WANTA【Exclusive New Year Giveaway Offer】
Tell Us How "Pure" You Are & GET A BOX OF FREE Pjur’s LUBES!

More feeling, more sensations, more adventure!

The name Pjur - pronounced as “Pure”,is a by-word for reliability and safety over the world, promising premium products “Made in Germany” to uncompromising quality standards. As a result, we repeatedly receive awards and seals of approval for our products' properties, including their outstanding skin compatibility. All products are dermatologically tested and meet the stringent requirements set down by international organisations such as the FDA in the US, the TGA in Australia and the European Union.

Whatever you're looking for at Pjur, they’ve got the right products for you. As a family-run company, they've put their heart and soul into what they do for more than 25 years.

Pjur’s global best-selling personal lubricants in one box! What a perfect way to try out their products!

So tell us HOW PURE YOU ARE, then you can a box of Pjur’s lubes!


There are 4 testers of lubricants in each box!

1. Pjur Original - Silicone Personal Lubricant
Product Details ►► https://www.wanta.net/en/products/1947/Pjur-Original

2. Pjur med REPAIR glide - with regenerative hyaluron
Product Details ►► https://www.wanta.net/en/products/6742/Pjur-med-REPAIR-glide-100ml

3. Pjur BACK DOOR Anal Glide
Product Details ►► https://www.wanta.net/en/products/4262/pjur-BACK-DOOR-Anal-Glide

4. Pjur Woman Nude - No preservatives, parabens or glycerin
Product Details ►► https://www.wanta.net/en/products/6741/Pjur-WOMAN-Nude-100ml