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Get Your Penis Ready to Get "FLICKED" by Layers of Folds!
Ride Japan - Flickers Choice

New Year, New Masturbator! Introducing the Flicker’s Choice, a unique sleeve courtesy of Ride Japan. Ride Japan has always had their own vision, which is to create an impeccable experience for your penis!

Next to the portrait of the girl on the cover, you can see the design adopted by Ride Japan for this sleeve. In a way, it looks like a stack of alternating trapdoors that gets pushed aside as your penis gets in.
And honestly? I didn’t know what to expect, and what it did was create a nerve-wracking yet exciting anticipation for those who are to try this new toy out. The fact that there are movable bits inside the sleeve sounds innovative and certainly intriguing. I didn’t waste any more time gawking at the box and tore right into the contents.

It took me a while to find the sweet spot of the Flicker’s Choice. Upon entry, it felt...pleasingly different to most sleeves, it does not offer you an immediate “Oh my God” sensation, instead it tickles and teases the glans with tiny assaults. This sleeve does exactly what its name suggests:

the internal flaps of the sleeve “flicks” ever so gently at your penis as you thrust in and out.

This masturbator offers a completely different and refreshing masturbation experience but it should be used in a way that is different from those of other masturbators.

After toying with it for a bit, I managed to find the perfect way to use this for maximum pleasure: the key lies in the speed and rhythm, you cannot be too fast - for once, to get more stimulation, you must slow it down. Strangely, Flicker’s choice works best when used with a slow, controlled rhythm, in contrast to most sleeves out there.

When I used it slowly, the layers of folds that my penis pushes through creates a tingling sensation, as if there are many fingers or tongues caressing the shaft of the penis, resulting in a slow yet erotic tease.

The other thing I did not expect was the suction. With layers of folds, there’s very little air inside the sleeve to begin with. If I squeezed out the remaining air before inserting myself in it, boy, this is some suction that I would have never expected from a sleeve of this size.

As I closed my eyes, the image of the anime girl on the cover floated into my mind: her face blushing as she pants out sighs of pleasure, as she rides slowly on top, calling out my name and begging for it - all the while I could feel every part of her sweet spot, every crevice, every muscle contraction.

Needless to say (I lost), the Flicker’s Choice, while difference in design, it wouldn’t be outshined by any of its competitors.

It wasn’t until after I regained my senses that it does make sense as to why a slower rhythm might be more enjoyable. With moving folds inside the sleeve, a quick thrusting speed might actually make it feel like the folds are assaulting your penis as it dashes through the layers, whereas a gentle rhythm results in a steady yet unique stimulation.

All in all, the Flicker’s Choice does live up to its name, it simulates the flicking of the tongue and fingers caressing on your shaft.

For those who crave for a different, one-of-a-kind sensation from masturbation sleeves, I can’t think of a better alternative. And even if you’re just starting out, for this price, the Flicker’s Choice is an absolute steal. So what are you waiting for? Spice up your masturbation experience with this unique Flicking Good Flicker’s Choice!