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Men with larger penises find it difficult to find the right size condom?

Men with larger penises
find it hard to wear one when you are hard?

A regular condom is never their fit. They either have to reluctantly pull it all the way through the penis or have it bounce out! Wearing a condom too small is extremely uncomfortable during sex, so which condom is right for you? There are many different cuttings for XL condoms, some only have a wider & contoured shape for the tip, but then this Durex XXL is wide and large from the tip to the bottom, definitely right for your big ben!

This Durex XXL extra large-sized condom has lubricity,
which is LONGER & WIDER than the regular size.

Durex XXL condoms have an opening diameter of 64 mm! Men with larger penises finally don't have to worry anymore!

This time, Wanta invited Scotty Hotty from our Sex Toys Enthusiasts Team to challenge the Durex XXL condoms and share his review!

- Scotty Hotty’s Review on Durex XXL Condoms -
(ft. Mistress Mona)

  1. Scotty Hotty: “Durex XXL is much easier and smoother to put on than the other ones I tried before that also claimed to be “XL”. I am so glad that I finally found a condom that is fit for me”.
    • Durex XXL is wide and long enough, so it doesn’t restrict my size.
    • It feels much better during sex, so much more sensation.
    • Taking it off is much less mess, it slides off no worries and holds everything inside.

  2. Mistress Mona: “It was definitely much smoother and faster seeing him put this Durex XXL condom on. Haha.”

With Durex XXL, men with larger penises finally
don't have to worry anymore!

Experience the Ultimate Comfort during Sex▼▼