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Quick Cleaning a Masturbator with a Douche?
Just 3 Minutes!

I believe you have heard of using a douche to clean a butt, but how about using a douche to clean a masturbator? Most of the time, non-penetrative and narrow masturbators are the hardest to cleanse. Some of them can’t get cleaned with using just the hands as the deeper parts can’t be reached. And they can’t even be inverted, because doing so would damage the original structure. The water source at your residence might not be the most convenient way to clean a sleeve… now what? Allow us to introduce to you two convenient ways that definitely work!

Even though it’s a douche, it can also be used on a masturbator!
And it cleans better!

Toynary DU01 Douche Kit (with Storage Bag)

Lovetoy Bondage Fetish Deluxe Douche - M

Apart from using water and soap to clean the masturbator, you can also useOna Clean Liquid, to clean your favourite sleeve thoroughly.

*Keep in mind that it is never acceptable to use alcohol, because it would erode the toy's surface, forming many holes unseen by the eye. That way it becomes sticky and dirty. The next time you use it, your little brother would be harmed easily.

Douche #1: Toynary DU01 Douche Kit

Easy! Breezy!
You Only Need to Change the Shower Head!
And the Deepest Parts are Reached!

  1. Screw out the original shower head
  2. Fasten on the DU01 long metal rod
  3. Screw one of those 3 heads onto the DU01 long metal rod
    • Recommended to use the smallest head, so that it is the easiest to insert and it doesn’t loosen the masturbator
    • Tilt the hose upwards for easier handling on the water pressure
  4. After installation, insert the douche into the masturbator
    • To prevent water from spraying all over the place (as a reference to the photo above), making the bathroom your little water foundation
    • First, apply a bit of lube for easy insertion
    • The entry point of the masturbator can face downwards, so that water can flow out more easily
  5. Clean with a low setting
    • Do not set to a strong setting, otherwise, the cup would fly out of your hand💦

Douche #2: Lovetoy Bondage Fetish Deluxe Douche - M
Perfect for Tight Tunnels!

  1. Take out the nozzle
  2. Fill warm water into the pump
  3. Put on the nozzle and insert it into the masturbator
  4. Squeeze out the water with force
    • Targeting particular areas

How do You Dry the Masturbator after Cleaning?

Non-penetrative masturbators are especially difficult to dry! They can stay wet even after a day... When it is wet for a long time, it could have mold inside! In more serious cases, users could get infected and the penis would become irritated! So drying the masturbator is an essential step of the cleaning process!

This Diatomaceous Earth Quick-Dry Stick can be of Your Help!
A Time-Saving Cleaning Tool!

Toynary AC01 Diatomaceous Earth Quick-Dry Stick

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Just rub the stick inside the masturbator for 2 to 3 times, and the inside would be dry. Can use repeatedly*

If you want to preserve your favourite masturbators even better, you can apply some baby powder or Fleshlight Renewing Powder/ AG Plus Nano Powder Hole to remove the stickiness on the surface.

Fleshlight Renewing Powder

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AG Plus Nano Powder Hole

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Last protip: Store the masturbator in a dry place with no direct sunlight.

Cleaning and preserving your masturbator can lengthen its shelf life,
And also maintain the health of your penis.