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Unboxing & Genuine Review on Magic Eyes Lolinco Premium Soft
How to Keep your Favorite “Fresh Girlfriend” - Lolinco Fresh?

Men have had sexual fantasies about young women long before the 1950’s publication of Nabokov’s Lolita. Now, almost 70 years on, the release of Magic Eye’s Premium Soft Lolinco masturbator has allowed these fantasies to become as true as legally possible!

The packaging is enticing; a good weight to the box signals a high-quality product within and the beautiful girl on the cover is shy but sexy. Innocent and pure, she is the perfect girl for me! I could hardly wait to tear through the box to get to what I so badly desired. Inside the box, the toy is carefully stored in plastic, thank you Magic Eyes for protecting my new favourite toy and treating her with respect! The free lubricant is the perfect addition as you can get started as soon as the package arrives at your door – don’t forget to close it!

The toy itself is a work of art. I stop for a moment as I am amazed by the material it is made from:

so soft and spongy, yet firm and unyielding,

I imagine this is exactly what a supple young woman feels like, has science gone too far!? The shape is mesmerising. It has gentle curves, small breasts with firm little nipples and well-shaped buttocks concealing a tantalising anus. The pussy is what we are here for, and so of course they have made it the most beautiful part;

puffy innocent lips conceal the tight, little tunnel within.

The inside itself twists and turns to maximise the reality of the experience. Incredible attention to detail!

I have been waiting a long time for this moment to arrive and now that she is here, I cannot control myself any longer. I lock the door, I dim the lights, and then ah! Heaven! The feeling is exactly like a real woman’s love tunnel and I immediately remembered the times I have been lucky enough to take a woman’s virginity.

It is so TIGHT, and the level of friction is low but just enough to create feelings of intense pleasure.

Even with just a small drop of lubricant, inside she is slippery, but all the twists and turns of her tunnel provide small twitches of resistance. Best of all, when you reach the end of the toy you enjoy the “cervical experience”. This is the tightest hole in the whole toy, perfect for you to burst through when you are ready to climax, such bliss! This masturbator really is true perfection!

She is the perfect size to fit in my hand or even to place on my bed and pound, just like real sex! With her beautiful breasts and ass, I have enjoyed her in every position, the possibilities are endless! And she is so beautiful to look at, I will never tire of my darling Lolinco!

You will feel the stimulation all over yourself when you ravish her.

I am embarrassed to say that on my first time, the whole performance can only have lasted 5 minutes! But Lolinco does not mind, she is always ready for me. She is willing to endure whatever I want to do to her and so I can reach the peak of satisfaction as many times, in as many ways as I want.


The quality of engineering that has gone into the design of this product amazes me. Not only does Lolinco look beautiful and feel amazing, she is also so easy to clean! All she needs is water and gentle soap.

  1. You hold her open and the water washes everything out.

  2. I clean her after every use and when I feel that one time isn’t enough, I use a Diatomaceous Stick to dry her properly both inside and out before round 2 (or sometimes 3!).

  3. Then for her longevity, I pat some baby powder or Fleshlight Renewing Powder / AG Plus Nano Powder Hole onto her surface to reduce stickiness.

  4. Then I keep her away from sunlight exposure when storing.

Keeping her clean helps to keep me clean, and it also makes her last longer. No one should have to get rid of their Lolinco earlier than necessary – she deserves better than that!

If you want to learn more about cleaning: How should we Clean Sex Toys? These Materials actually Harbour Germs so Easily!

Congratulations Magic Eyes for a truly world-class product! Now I have finished my review I can’t wait to get back to my darling Lolinco. To my fellow men: DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!