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Takes Only 10 Seconds to Learn How to Lick the Entire Body Using A Must-Try Motor Tongue, Fun Factory - Volta!

Apart from the popular sucking vibrators that can mimic oral sex, there is actually another special vibrator that does so in a different, as passionate way: Fun Factory - Volta 👅💦! Volta is not your typical vibrator. Not only can it vibrate , but it also knows how to flick, like an actual tongue!

Because of that, Volta is not a women’s only toy, any person with any genitals can enjoy the pleasure it brings to the entire body! Usually, having one tongue going down on you can be pleasurable enough, but now with Volta, it comes in TWO soft motor tongues, so that you can come with style.

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Volta is the True「 Lick King 」- Unbeatable Motor Tongues!
Literally the Fastest & Most Frictional External Vibrator!

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Reviews from Our 3 Sex Toys Enthusiasts

#1 - Mistress Mona’s Review (ft. Scotty Hotty)

Mistress Mona has been on a hunt for the very toy that can mimic real oral sex! And she finally found it! This way she can satisfy her desires anytime! Volta’s major advantage is it’s two long and soft “motor tongues”, allowing people to fully use them from the tip to the end.

Volta’s tip is really soft, and my favourite is to use the lower tongue to brush through the entire vagina, imitating tongue licks, while pressing the upper tongue onto the clit, vibrating it. Two tongues actualise my two wishes! And you can actualise your Christmas wish too!

Although Volta’s flicks are quick,
they are not noisy at all!

#2 - Scotty Hotty's Review

Besides, this time, Volta has a Male Companion - Scotty Hotty, to share with you.

Even a manly man could be vulnerable to Volta!
Groaning and cumming non-stop from the vibrations!

Scotty Hotty uses one word to describe Volta,”Jizzy”!

I've never felt this good just from vibration, the vibration is so intense and strong it's like
someone flickering their tongue across my tip at 100 times a second.
Especially exciting and enticing, makes me wanted more and more~

Mistress Mona then teased me by playing with the two ends up and down my shaft, getting me hard as nails. Once she got to my tip, the most sensitive spot: the neck of the glans (the folded spot between the head and shaft),
it was like an explosion of pleasure!

My blood was pumping and I could hardly control myself. The feeling of the little tongues flapping on my penis was just amazing and the vibrations so strong I could feel it in my whole body. I could hardly control the sounds from my mouth, as I wanted to cum so badly and the juice kept flowing out!

#3 - Using Volta During Sex

Mistress Mona can’t help but join the fun she saw Scotty Hotty was enjoying with Volta. We used it again during sex, playing with it on my vagina and clitoris,

the combination of sex and vibration gave both of us multiple orgasms.

Having Volta in between, it sent vibrations to both of them down there, inciting a duet of moans. Such a good and exciting pleasure tool.

That’s also when they discovered that Volta’s shape fits perfectly the curves of the vagina and bikini area!

Check out now the All the Ways of Using Volta►►

Staff Chan and her boyfriend also shared their thoughts after using it !

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Make good use of Volta on the entire body!
To give yourself and your partner exhilarating oral,Excite them with 3 tongues simultaneously!💦

Volta is not just a vibrator, but it can also mimic real passionate licks, giving you oral love.
It is extra fitting for those who love oral and a frictional feel. Can be used on the entire body!
*Must use water-based lube, not to irritate the skin

Now we can proceed to tips on using Volta, so that your whole body can feel it’s luxury!▼▼

2 tricks to stimulate the nipples:

  1. Using the tip
  2. Fitting nipple between the tongues

So that when Volta is stimulating one nipple, the other can be licked by an actual tongue ;)

4 tricks to stimulate the clit:

  1. Using the tip to tease
  2. Fitting the clit between the tongues
  3. “Thirsty Dog”: Brushing Volta’s full tongue up and down from the clit to the lips
  4. “Vertical Attack”: With upper tongue pressed onto the clit vibrating, the lower one brushes up and down, or applies pulsing pressure

While using Volta to stimulate the clit or the nipples, partners can lick the vaginal opening at the same time, and there will surely be ecstatic moans wanting for more.

3 Areas on the Penis to Stimulate:

  1. The head’s nerve endings - Pacinian Corpuscles, are located between the skin fold of the head and the shaft
  2. End of the shaft
  3. Between the testicles (Very Gently)

Partners can try performing oral, while using Volta to excite the aforementioned parts of the penis ;) Then look up to them with your enticing eyes, to make them feel so good that they’ll groan with legs shaking. Maybe they can’t help but cum in the mouth.

Anal Stimulation:

  1. Using the “Thirsty Dog” to perform Rim Job

Earning the crown of the “Lick King”, because of its two motor tongues, Fun Factory - Volta can lick anyone’s body in a rapid speed!

To achieve the real licking sensations,
“Saliva” - You’ll Definitely Need Water-based Lube!

Volta’s body safe material has a slightly rougher surface, similar to an actual tongue,
So when applying water-based lube, the oral experience is so very realistic!!
(Reminnder: Volta is made of silicone, incompatible with silicone-based lube)

The following 2 wanted lube can be used with Volta for enhanced performance, and it is also on Christmas Sale - 20% off!

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