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"Wanna Try Spanking Tonight?"

Wanta’s team of Sex Toys Enthusiasts first touched on the subject of BDSM, the wondrous world of bondage: Trying Beginner-Level BDSM in a Hotel to Spice Up Your Sex Life! Magic Fingers previously mentioned slapping and spanking, so this time, we will do some more exploration on this topic, for another beginners guide or toy recommendations.

A lot of people love impact play. While it is fun to spank someone, the mentality of being spanked is as enjoyable, whether it be the psychological pleasure of being submissive, or the physical pleasure of doses of endorphins from the pain. With the right amount of slap, spank, hit, whip… that rush of painful pleasure can make a huge difference in the atmosphere! Some may be familiar with such a play, there are also others who are curious and don’t know how to start. We will show you how to properly spank and hit, so this article is the right place to start!

The Art of Spanking

This low maintenance SM play is really great for beginners to dip their toes in, not only does it not require much to prepare, but it is enough to shift the power dynamics in sex. After you and your partner have discussed and agreed on incorporating spanking, it’s time to put it into action!
Therefore, learning the basics of spanking starts from the hand itself.

Do some Foreplay with the Hands

For beginners, it’s best to start from the very beginning, even before the spanking. Use the hands to massage the areas where you want to spank, usually the butt cheeks or the thighs. Then, lightly spank them to ease them in. Work your way up and observe how they respond.

Keep Your Fingers Together!

Magic Fingers knew this, but she’s tried being spanked by a hand of which the fingers are spread out, and that does not feel particularly good.

Keeping your magic fingers together makes the spanking feeling so much better.

Vary Where You Spank

You might see some hardcore spanking online where they are constantly spank on the same place, but that might not be you or your spankee’s cup of tea, because that can easily cause bruising if done too much. For beginners, it’s advised to rub or massage the area a little between every spank, and for reference in the photo, adjust your strength according to the area you’re spanking.

A Toy to Start with

It might take some time for people to spank with the hands, but this toy is extremely suitable for those who want to try some beginner’s impact play.

Roomfun Leather Racket - Black

Roomfun has a collection of high quality BDSM and sex toys. This paddle is no exception. Tested by Magic Fingers, she confirmed that it is extremely comfortable for both the spanker and the spankee, since it is made of PU leather for the extra comfort, it is also shaped like a hand, making the spanking more familiar and enjoyable.

As you can see, spanking is such a vast world, and it could be very pleasurable once you get the hang of it. Stay tuned for more as we climb the spanking ladder. After the brief guide, you know for certain what to do, so don’t hesitate to ask your partner, "Wanna try spanking tonight?”Wish you a happy spanking!