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Quickie Trinity - Fun & Convenient!

3 Toy's Heart Masturbators, 3 Pseudo-realistic Sensations.

So you want a fleshlight that’s fun, convenient and not easily recognisable as a sex toy. No problem, except make that 3 fleshlights instead of one. This is where the Toys Heart Zodiac Collection comes in, at an affordable price of $120 for each one. This is appealing to newcomers who want to try fleshlights at a low price, as well as trying out the different and unique cups in the same series.

The three constellations I have are Leo, Pisces and Gemini. On the side of the boxes, you can find the cross-section of the different sleeves. Apparently, even the interior design of the sleeves are modelled after the shape of the constellations, which is a really neat point. I’ll just do a quick rapid-fire of my first impressions:

Leo: This was the first one that caught my eye, as it actually looked the most realistic of all. It has the rough patch where a G-spot would be a couple of centimeters in and the end bit which slightly resembles the cervix.

Pisces: It’s a snake-like S curve, which promises a ride of sensation, given the ripply bits all along the length of the S.

Gemini: The most interesting look, it looks like stacks of UFOs that are beaming and sucking up a person from the ground (feels a bit like it too!)

Before I move on to the user experience, I’d like to say that all the three fleshlights offer different experiences. Thanks to the vacuum suction that all the three offer, all of them are really enjoyable to use (duh), but the amount of suction varies between these three options.

The Leo, Gives The Most Realistic Feelings!

The Leo, as I have said that the cross-section looks the most realistic, and that also somewhat applies to the feeling of using it. Out of the 3 cups, the Leo does feel the most “realistic”. It does not offer extreme or total stimulation, but I found that using the Leo best allows me to imagine that I was right there in the scene with the woman on my smartphone. This effect is best achieved when you sync the beat of your hand movement with the video together. Once you’ve fully warmed up, you can feel yourself rubbing against the slightly rough bits of the supposed G-spot, with the right porn, the sensation is enough to push you over the edge, and you find yourself releasing into the cup.

The Pisces, Just WOW!

The Pisces is the middle ground between Leo and the Gemini. The S shape of the interior guarantees constant stimulation of your penis from the sides or from the front and back (depending on the rotation of the sleeve) and the tunnel is laden with small protrusions and scale-like folds which tickle the shaft during the ride. As my flesh slides through the curve, my glans is all the while stimulated, caressed and attacked by the interior pattern. As a bonus, since the sleeve is not symmetrical given the S shape, it allows for the opportunity for slight variations in using the cup by rotating it, which means that you can find new ways to stimulate yourself and eventually find the perfect angle, such that not only the protrusions but also the shape of the path you’re going through help push you over the edge.

The Gemini Can Suck Up All Your Juice!

It looks interesting, but there is more to this than meets the eye. The Gemini’s design, which mimics the shape of wormholes, allows the strongest suction out of the trio. Initially, I was surprised by the amount of suction brought by the fleshlight. Despite the satisfying suction, something was missing, and I felt like I was not using the Gemini to its full potential. The trick here is to tilt the fleshlight at a slightly upward angle so that the glans of your penis rubs along the ridge every time you go in and out a “disc”.

And Believe Me, The Sensation is UNBELIEVABLE.

To put it in a more descriptive way—you can feel the tip of your penis jumping through the universe while rubbing against the warm rim with each jump in the quantum realm. With each in and out motion, the lubricant and the walls of the sleeve create the perfect friction to rub against your glans, becoming the most pleasant, eye-rolling assault. In no time, the stimulation triumphed over my futile attempt to hold on and experience more of this surreal galactic feeling, and I (as some would describe) shot my “comets” through the cosmos.

Great suction, comes with great sucking sounds. If you’re watching oral porn or want to imagine such a scenario, the sounds are the cherries on top, adding onto the realism. It’s also super light at a weight of 130g that you might be able to juggle with these, so extra points if you’re a horny acrobat. While convenient, it might take some stretching if you want to experience the fleshlight along your entire shaft.

All in all, the constellation trio starts at an entry price to invite you to experience its different variations. The Leo, Pisces and Gemini offer a blend of experiences from pseudo-realistic to stimulating, so you can choose one according to your tastes. They’re“fun” fleshlights, and if you’re looking to experiment with different sensations depending on your mood, one of the Zodiac collections should definitely be right for you.