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Why are many people, no matter what gender, so fascinated with breasts? Some say it might be an inborn inclination - perhaps this could explain why infants naturally know how to suck nipples for milk. I haven’t done further research, but for sure, I am living up to the name of a big boob lover.

Hello everyone, this is “The Hero” from Wanta’s team of Sex Toy Enthusiasts. As someone who is single and has a strong desire for big breasts, I finally spent $500 on a pair of “G Cup Realistic Big Boobs” from Eve Dolls. And I’m more than glad to give it my review.

On the package, a sexy purple-eyed and -haired anime girl is blowing gum, generously showing off her almost fully naked physique and her firm bosoms. Inside the box, it includes a bottle of lubricant and of course the sculptured breasts encapsulated with protective materials to prevent morphing. When taking this beauty out, it’s quite hefty that I had to hold it firmly with both hands. I didn’t have to worry about grabbing them too hard since they are highly elastic.

After rinsing with water, I couldn’t wait to rub my little brother in between the gap. Although I haven’t tried a real boob job, the feeling is refreshing but somewhat similar to what I’ve always imagined.

Appreciating the coveted firm breasts with cute pink nipples while massaging my dick, I got hard very quickly.

Just like a boob job in any porn video, my dick would slip off from the deep cleavage from too much lube or saliva. And I finally understood why those embarrassing scenes occur in porn.

It could be used on the table or bed, and I recommend putting a towel beneath for the convenience of cleaning. On the bed, placing it on one or two pillows would make it easier to perform doggy. While standing, the only concern is to watch out for it accidentally slipping on the floor, so it’s better to make good use of its flat base and slightly sticky material and stick it on surfaces such as glass. If it could be warmed up with your own body inside the covers beforehand, the sensation would become more realistic. What I’ve mentioned are only two of various ways to use this pair of great breasts. Feel free to unleash your imagination.

One important reminder is to prevent any contact with hot water as the material is just like any masturbation cup, overheating could damage the silicone. If you know, you know. Whether it’s pinching or licking the nipples, or even squishing this pair of G cups, doing so can definitely relieve your daily stress.

they’re like two amazing stress balls! You could even lay your head and put your face in it - motorboat all you want~

These bowl-shaped firm bosoms reminded me of the Japanese porn actress, Anri Okita, famous for her large boobs. While you are massaging them unrestrained, let your fantasies flow and match your favourite sex goddess with this rack, as you slowly fall into a deep slumber in your dark room, your safe space. I didn’t expect that a simple pair of breasts could one by one actualise my fantasies that once only existed in my head. There were no regrets buying this, and considering the diverse ways of playing with this product, I truly believe it’s well worth its price.

Thank you so much for reading this review to the end, and make sure to stay tuned to our next update!