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Pain from Dryness? Drying Out Midway?
Silicone-based Lube will Give you a Safer and more Comfortable Sex!

Have You Experienced Pain Or Discomfort During Sex?
Does Your Lube Dry Out Easily, Turn Sticky or Tacky?
Does Your Lube Cause Redness Or Irritation?

Silicone Lubricant Can Solve Any Of These Problems!

Most people have heard of water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based lubricants, which have their own characteristics and cater to different needs. Some people might even have their own preferences based on the feel and texture of lubricants and the experience it brings during sex. However, it seems like most people choose water-based lubricants because they are not familiar with the alternatives.

This is why this time, the Wanta Sex Toy Enthusiast Team is determined to introduce the do-it-all of lubricants, no matter if you are into heterosexual, guy-on-guy, or girl-on-girl intercourse, a silicone-based lubricant is never the wrong choice.

What is the Actual Difference between Silicone- and Water-based Lube?
Why should you Try Silicone-based Lubricant?

Silicone-based Lube is more Cost-effective:

  • More silky and smoother than water-based

  • Does not vaporize and dry out as it is not made of water

  • Long Lasting and Moisturising (Super suitable for vaginas lacking moisture)

  • Does not dissolve and get washed away by water; great for shower and bath sex

  • Just a couple drops can last you the whole session (1 drop of Silicone = 5 drops of Water)

  • It is not an irritating substance, making it more suitable for sensitive skin

  • Rubber or latex safe: can be used with condoms

SuperSlyde Original Silicone lubricant
Product Details>>

Silicone-based Lubricant can Make You Sex Safer

Suitable for Vaginal and Anal Penetration
Drastically Relives the Dryness and Pain during Sex
Improving each other’s Pleasure and Satisfaction

1. For Vaginal Sex

  • Hormone-free, Fragrance-free, and Odorless

  • Glycerin-free hence does not aid bacteria and fungi growth

  • Does not change the Ph level of the vagina, hence prevents infections

  • Can naturally expel out the body along with other vaginal excretions

  • Does not get absorbed by the body, which would not harm the skin tissue of the vaginal walls

  • Unlike water-based lube, it doesn’t have a high osmotic pressure that increases chances of disease transmission

2. For Anal Sex

  • More long-lasting; doesn’t require constant application

  • Compared to water-based, it does not vaporise, hence extremely moisturising

  • Made with stickiness that heightens sensory stimulations

  • Improved for durable use

  • Safe to use with latex products

  • Texture is smooth and wet, but at the same time does not become too sticky after a few minutes

  • Non-irritating substance, more suitable for sensitive skin

  • Does not get absorbed by the body, which would not harm the skin tissue of the rectum walls

【Which Silicone Lubricant Should You Try?】

You should try SuperSlyde -
Original Silicone Lubricant that is created by Hong Konger in Singapore!

SuperSlyde has recognition from the industry and the public:

  • Uses the purest silicone ingredients of German Pharmaceutical and Medical Grade; Researched and Developed for up to 18 months

  • Formula developed, registered, and released by AARI (Abra Advanced Research International Pte Ltd)

  • Made in Singapore’s ICM Pharmaceutical Company, in which it has undergone the approval of GMP

  • Has the recognition from the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

  • It was elected and won the “Best Lotion & Potion” of The Eros Shine Awards 2013 at the Australia Premier Adult Industry

  • NO.1 Best Selling Premium Lubricant in Singapore: Singapore’s largest Telecom Provider, SingTel, at their online platform, Insing.com, SuperSlyde became the 2018 XBIZ Awards Nominee & 2018 AVN 'O' Awards Nominee, and selected as the Top 8 Must Buy (Fitness) Product in Singapore

What Are You Waiting For?
Try the SuperSlyde Silicone-based Lube Now!

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*Promotion Period: November 7 - December 31

【How to Use and Clean】

1. How to Use:

  • Squeeze out a few drops

  • Apply onto the entrance, e.g. vaginal opening and anus

  • Apply onto the head of a penis or dildo
    • Not necessary to rub it into the entire penetrating area with hands

    • Lube will naturally slide for better coverage

2. How to Clean:

  • When stained on bedsheets
    • Use a cloth to wipe off as much of the substance

    • Then put into a washing machine and wash with cold water

    • Do not recommend throwing into a dryer

  • When stained on a table
    • Use a cloth to wipe off as much of the substance

    • Pour enough amount of baby powder onto the stained area

    • Then wipe with cloth thoroughly

  • Cleaning your body
    • Just directly use the toilet or take a shower with soap; The lube will naturally be expelled out of the body

    • If necessary, you can consider douching
      First Lesson of Anal Sex【DOUCHE】>>
    • But never douche the vagina! Doing so will kill the helpful bacteria, or could even injure the inner walls, causing infections. The silicone lube is a medical-grade, therefore it is body-safe.

【Customer FAQ】

Q:Can I use it with sex toys?

A:Because the lube is made of silicone, apart from silicone toys, toys of other materials should be able to be used with it. If you are still unsure about the toy’s material, you can first apply a little bit of the lube onto the unimportant parts of the toy, such as the base, to test out the compatibility of the toy.
Silicone made toys used with silicone would produce a chemical reaction, eroding the material, making the toy sticky. However, there are silicone made toys that are sprayed on with a layer of PU protective layer, making it safe to use with silicone lube.

Q:s the ingredient, B05 in this SuperSlyde Silicone Lubricant safe for the body?

A: B05 is a safe ingredient, totally safe for the body. Daily products, like shampoo and makeup products (lipstick), also include B05, achieving the glossy effect. Doesn’t harm any kind of hair.