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Spice Up Your Weekend!
Foreplay on the Streets AND in the Sheets

Oh weekends - the time when people gather to have a sexy time. Over the years, we have many male customers who have visited our stores, hoping to find a toy able to satisfy their partners,not only physically, but emotionally, in which they could be rewarded with the sense of satisfaction of successfully satisfying their partners. Because what makes them happier than being able to be the one who makes the partner moan with extreme pleasure? Many women have reflected how it usually takes a longer time to get into the zone, and some partners would lack the patience to take the time to do foreplay, making it not so stimulating for those women. In extreme cases, some might not even get the chance to be aroused or orgasm, but the male partners have already come and entered that lustless mode. The man could enjoy physical and mental pleasure, while the woman barely could, let alone both having their most needed sexual release.

Let’s be honest - Who doesn’t want mutual pleasure during sex?
Who doesn’t want a better, more stimulating sex life?

Foreplay is not just confined to passionate touching, hugging, and kissing in the room where the magic happens.
You can bring a sprinkle of fairy dust out to the streets!

Instead of just getting on with it, why not try doing foreplay, or a different kind of foreplay to improve everyone’s quality of sex life? Before meeting your partner, send a dirty text to prompt their desires, or to tease them and have them look forward to sex with each other: let them know your sexual fantasies, what you hope they could wear, most ideally something that makes them feel sexy, what you want to do with them or how you want to punish them. Find a sexy way to tell them you are turned on. #Sexting ;)

The A-one Remote Bullet Vibrator w/ Open-Crotch Underwear
It wants to Play with You too!

A-one Remote in <<

【Using the Remote Controlled Vibrating Bullet - The Big Three Ways】

  1. If you feel like having fun in the hotel, before heading out, the woman can wear the open-crotch underwear with the bullet vibe inserted in that specially made pocket. Give the remote to the partner for total control over her pleasure.

    During the journey to the hotel, the partner could warm up the clit for her, which saves up a lot of foreplay time because by then, she would already want more. Not to mention, her sensitive spots are already sensitive enough, ready to receive more intense stimulations. In general, it becomes much easier for everyone to get into the zone.

  2. Having entered the room where it happens, she does not need to take it off instantly to receive the other’s sensual touch. Thanks to the open-crotch design, she could still wear the underwear. The only thing the partner needs to do before getting their hands on the sweet spots is to get their hands to the sink and wash them thoroughly.

    One other way to take things up a notch is to get a hold onto the vibrating bullet, either with the hands or one’s own genitals and rub it into the clit area even more. In this way, vibrations, touching, and rubbing can all happen at once, while she gets all the wetter. And of course, she could still wear it while penetration. Nothing more versatile than this!

    And of course, she could still wear it while penetration. Nothing more versatile than this!

  3. Our team of Sex Toys Enthusiasts have tested it out, and agree that this bullet vibe works well on anyone of any experience. Using it as an ordinary vibrator is definitely another great option!

【Prior Preparation】

  1. Charge the vibrator up before using it.

  2. Test if the layers of clothing would be too thick, in case of any connection issue.

  3. Learn how to directly switch off the vibe from below (without the remote), to prevent awkward situations.


So, what shall you do this weekend? Why not try foreplay? In fact, when she gets in the zone, what you two do after would surely become much more enjoyable - you two could feel more wired up, and the moans could get even louder than ever. When one partner is satisfied, the others’ satisfaction will be magnified.

Wish you all a great weekend with mutual sexual pleasure! And a better, more stimulating sex life!

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