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Fun Factory Sundaze
A Whole New Way to Stimulate the G-spot!
“Vibrating”, “Tapping” and “Pulsing”!

Many customers have asked if there is a sex toy that thrusts back and forth on its own, so they could just lie back and enjoy the rhythmic thrusting motion. When masturbating with a dildo, wrists, and arms will eventually get tired no matter how long it could last... We have been struggling for years until Fun Factory stepped in and created this “Pulsator Technology” with only some strong magnets and German engineering!

Now, we are blessed with their NEWEST HOT PRODUCT, Fun Factory - Sundaze, one among their line of pulsators that can thrust back and forth on their own. We could all have some the most effortless hands-free fun we’ve ever had and a lazy & chill Sunday Afternoon.

Fun Factory - Sundaze could be your perfect G-Spot Wand! It has:
▪ PULSATOR TECHNOLOGY, and capacity to “Vibrate”and“Tap” mode
▪ The right margin of thrusting
▪ The design to stimulate 3 nerve endings that feel pleasure as well as stretching respectively
▪ The unique shape that effortlessly hits the bullseye of your sweet spot

Fun Factory’s unique Pulsator Technology allows the toy to pulse and thrust on its own, while the newly-introduced Sundaze is also equipped with this tech, it could also vibrate, tap and pulse - altogether three types of G-spot stimulation that satisfy people with different preferences!

【Mistress Mona's Review】

This lipstick shaped G-spot Stimulator💄can thrust on its own, which taught me a whole new way to stimulate my G-spot! Unlike other designs that press or stroke, Sundaze knows how to tap the G-spot!

My G-spot is relatively sensitive and easy to locate, so once I slipped Sundaze inside, the tip naturally hit the G-spot. Sundaze is equipped with Pulsator Technology, making it embody three kinds of stimulation - vibrating, tapping, and pulsing. My personal favorite is the pulsing settings because the margin of thrusting is just right. It’s extremely arousing that it could leave just enough space for some thrusting while managing a rapid speed. With the auto-thrust function, I only have to have a pillow for support and let my hands go. Also, the size for me is not too thick, not too thin, just the right size.

I also have to mention the aesthetics of Sundaze, especially the Pistachio colour! Exactly because of the tilted flat tip, it is very easy to insert. The feel is so much more different to other kinds I’ve tried - not an entire rounded tip pressing onto the G-spot, but rather it HOOKS onto it😂

The Flexibility & Softness

Apart from internal stimulation, of course, it could be used outside as well! One could benefit from the flat tip or the angled part to massage the clit and nipples.

Pro-tip: Fun Factory want to only use body-safe, non-porous and hypoallergenic materials on toys, resulting in more friction on the surface - so putting on a condom could make it much smoother and comfortable to insert.

Fun Fact: I discovered it gives out a really quiet and therapeutic sound, by putting it close to my ear, whenever I press onto the buttons~

【Magic Fingers' Review】

Sundaze is such an all-rounded toy! FunFactory is really not kidding with the “Not Your Everyday Orgasm”. The thing that stood out to me is the unique flat rounded tip, and I was definitely pleasantly surprised by the pleasure that brought. Once Sundaze was slipped into me, the G-spot immediately senses that pleasurable pressure, reflecting how amazingly designed the shape is. The pleasure was more elevated after activating the pulsating and vibrating movements.

Playing with Sundaze is such a dynamic experience! It’s however highly recommended to put on a condom to achieve that smoother feel and also to reduce the need to constantly apply lube. Nevertheless, using it with my girlfriend was amazing. Plopping it against a pillow, she could go down on me while Sundaze did the hands-free thrusting - a great helping hand for those who struggle with multitasking. At the same time, it’s also an awesome toy for masturbation. Since I personally prefer a smaller girth with manual thrusting, the hands-free thrusting is extremely suitable for me even with Sundaze having a larger girth. Adding a clitoral sucking vibrator on top is the ribbon to the wrapping.

Overall a comfortably stimulating toy that adds a refreshing twist to my usual road to cumming.


Fun Factory - Sundaze is a Wanta Sex Toy Enthusiast approved toy from both of our experienced members, no matter sensitive or not. The outstanding feature of the flat tip evokes a refreshing and comfortable stimulation on the G-spot. And we definitely love the Pulsing mode. All in all a toy that people should definitely give a go, because it stimulates like no other!