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Swords Ready to Get Destroyed by Stoya Destroya!

Meet the Stoya Destroya, the most outstanding product of the American Fleshlight brand. It is a part of a collection called "Fleshlight Girls", which is designed in collaboration with some of the biggest adult movie stars. If you're in a hurry reading this review, I can tell you, BUY IT, GET IT, YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

I was a bit nervous but excited to try this as I've come to realize that this Fleshlight is designed based on Stoya's actual vagina! And the moment I tried it for the first time, the only thing in my mind was "why didn't I try this sooner?". The feeling is phenomenal.

If I could only use one word and two letters to describe the Stoya,
it would be "TIGHT AF"

Tight on entry, tight on insertion, tight the whole way through. I think this is where the Stoya shines as a fleshlight in comparison to sleeves. For sleeves, it really depends how much you grip on it to create the feeling of the sleeve closing in on you. For the fleshlight, no similar effort is required, leaving only the design to determine whether it gives you a tight feeling or not. And Stoya does that wonderfully. It GRIPS your penis tightly straight from the get-go, and just that feeling is possibly one of the best first impressions ever in my review experience. Stoya has become my favorite masturbator!

The second winning point over sleeves is the weight. Where extra weight on sleeves might prove troublesome and bulky, the weight on the Stoya adds on to the sturdiness. With the flashlight design, the added weight does not hinder the experience by flopping around like a lifeless blob of jelly, but rather really assists in the realism department; when you use it lying down, it’s as if someone is riding and sitting on you in a cowgirl position. Apart from the weight, the material also made this thing more realistic. All of their fleshlights are made out of "SuperSkin" material that makes it feel like the real thing. So with all these factors, it will make you feel like you're cheating on your girlfriend… only if you are not single;)

The internal design is just so breathtaking. The Stoya design has a total of not 1, not 2, but 4 pleasure chambers, each section with different textures that offer distinct intensities of stimulation.
▪ It starts small and tight in the first chamber,
▪ Intensified stimulation in the second,
▪ Tightening in the third,
▪ Ultimate sensation in the fourth.

It really works remarkably well. The total length of the cup is 25.4 cm, which is slightly longer than the average Asian masturbator cups. Although I could not reach the deepest point as a member of the Asian-Penis club, it has satisfied my penis desire! This is the good news for those with gifted bodily parts, as you get to take and experience the whole ride from start to finish.

Also, it's not called the Stoya Destroya (Destroy ya/you) for no reason. I made the mistake of underestimating the force of the Stoya, and I used it at the usual pace I use sleeves. BIG mistake. Don't do that.

I did that and I got destroyed, try it at your own risk.

You can enjoy it while watching her porn videos;)

There's also a point to be made about cleaning it after use. Since it's so much longer, it'll take more effort to clean it and you can't just flip it inside out like a regular sleeve--and I highly discourage you from doing so, you might crease or damage the fleshlight as it isn't meant to be flipped inside out. Fortunately, Fleshlight made the process significantly easier by making the toy modular.

You can remove the sleeve from the housing, AND twist the end of the housing off (it's another cap!) for easy cleaning of fluids and lubricant which reaches the end of the fleshlight. Speaking of this cup feature, you can also change the sleeve inside and try with different styles!

All in all, the Stoya gave me a remarkably enjoyable experience, especially since it's my first time using an actual fleshlight! She is really my favorite one so far! And I found it really suitable for mature men like us. If you're looking for a really stimulating sex toy for your own use, and don't really mind the extra grams,

Get the Stoya, Get destroyed!

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