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Magic Eyes - Maiden's Shame Meat

This time, the product "Zettai ryōiki-philiac" from Wanta’s Team of Sex Toy Enthusiasts introducing today is none other than the 乙女の恥肉!すじまんくばぁ進化型 (Maiden's Shame Meat (Sujimankaku Evolution Type) from one of the series of Japan’s MagicEyes.

A brief glossary for our friends who aren’t familiar with Japanese -“すじまん” means a shaved Ms Barbie type, while “くばぁ” mimics the sound of hands spreading the vulva. The words “625g” of weight and “meaty” stood out to me, I looked at the cover girl removing her panties with a hint of shyness... Without further ado, let’s jump right into the contents!

Product Details>>

The toy is neatly placed in a transparent container to prevent its shape from changing, with a packet of lubricant on the side. Upon further inspection, it seems like approximately 80% of the design is based on the lower body from the waist to her private area, there’s even a cute little belly button as an added detail. The area above the entry point is slightly sloped, creating a little hill, which apart from mimicking an actual vagina, also adds on to the “bumpiness” in the experience!

The heftiness of the masturbator surprised me, being 625g it has a bit of weight to it, making it feel realistic but no less flexible, and it does not affect the in-and-out motion when in use. It’s around 17cm long, so you can have the stimulation of actual sex by gripping on to its slender waist, making it all the more immersive.

The first thing to greet your sight at the entry is the Ms Barbie, round and a bit puffy, the perfect realisation of the loli. Applying the lubricant will heighten the temptation. It’s so smooth that if you don’t hold the masturbator properly, your glans slides right off the surface without going in!

But! The main selling point of this design is that the vulva can be slightly pulled out! The pink vulva is full of elasticity, and has a similar tactile feel as a stuffed round Daifuku Mochi. After applying lubricant, After toying with the frontier of the masturbator, it’s time for a more “in-depth” experience. A bit of force was all I needed to push myself into the meaty interior, in an instance my penis was comfortably enwrapped. The experience was quite surreal, as if after some tempting foreplay and kissing, my penis was hugged tightly by the toy, and all I could feel was the overwhelming meatiness and sensuality wrapping around me, with the unforgettable pressure on my penis turning into pleasure.

In addition to everything else, the interior is of an irregular shape, as the passageway has a slight curvature which makes it not totally straight, but not massively curved either. This makes it so that no matter whether you insert yourself with the fleshilght facing up (cowgirl) or facing down (doggystyle), both will stimulate in different ways, bringing you various sensations! When using it face up, you can enjoy the stimulation of rubbing against the grooves beneath the stomach area, and when it’s face down you can even feel the chubby protrusion at the back. I chose to do it face down as I would like to challenge myself with the extra titillation, and my glans was repeatedly attacked and carressed by the soft, smooth chubby walls, and with the extra protruding bit that I keep bumping into...it’s too much!!! I couldn’t possibly hold back my orgasm!

In regards to maintenance, the entry of the masturbator has to be opened slightly in order to clean it properly. It came as a pleasant surprise that compared to other masturbators, the opening can be pushed apart 10% wider, so you can be rest assured that it is convenient and easy to clean.

OTAKU - Onahole Heating System >>

If that still isn’t enough for you, I recommend using it with a heating stick (OTAKU - Onahole Heating System) to increase the warmth, so that it raises the interior to body temperature, combined with the chubby interior hugging against your penis, this will surely raise the realism to another level.

All in all, I personally think that this type of design works really well, especially being able to flip out the vulva part! If you want something that doesn’t have exaggerated bumps or grooves, then this very innocent loli Masturbator can definitely be your choice!