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Guide to Choosing Your Own Perfect Clitoral Sucking Vibrator!

"With so many clit sucking vibrators, which is the right one for me?" Wanta’s team of Sex Toy Enthusiasts will show you which one is! In fact, these vibrators can not only stimulate the clit, but also nipples. While everyone has a different level of sensitivity, there are toys that cater to those differences. That is why this time, we invited three Sex Toy Enthusiasts with different levels of sensitivity, respectively the "Devoted Geek Girl" with a super sensitive clit, "Mistress Mona" with a moderately sensitive clit, and "Magic Fingers" with a not so sensitive clit, to test all of the popular sucking vibrators and tell you which vibrator is most suitable for yours!

【Most Popular Clitoral Sucking Vibrators - Comparison Chart】

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【Reviews On the Hottest Suction Vibrators】

Suitable for all, from novices to experienced users
Most Popular !【Womanizer Premium】

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“Devoted Geek Girl” with high clitoral sensitivity: I was shocked to hear at first that there are 12 modes of intensities! There are 12 different intensities to play around with and slowly make your way up. With each undiscovered intensity is a wave of nervousness, curiosity and excitement. Despite my keen attitude to discover all of the modes, I am limited by my own clit sensitivity, as I could not stand it by the 6, 7th level of intensity. I came in just 1 minute!

"Mistress Mona" with medium clitoris sensitivity: As a veteran user, Womanizer Premium is my favorite! I still remember that I was instantly hooked when I first tried it. The eye-rolling orgasm from it made it impossible to get back to traditional vibrators! The vibrations are very gentle. I usually like to warm up with a low intensity, then go up to level by level, until I reach the max intensity of 12! I could cum infinitely with this!

"Magic Fingers" with low clitoral sensitivity: I'm very fortunate that it is my first and still my favorite vibrator. The low intensity is very suitable for foreplay, while the medium one feels like a small quick slaps. I would usually skip the medium intensity and directly adjust to the highest one. I love how the vibrations are very strong and comfortable!

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Best for novices or more sensitive clitoris
【Womanizer Liberty】

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“Devoted Geek Girl” with high clitoral sensitivity: I wow-ed out loud just from looking at its packaging at first glance, there's a very elegant, almost royal feel to it. As I often prefer to masturbate in my familiar, quiet room, the loud noise it makes embarrassed me a bit at first, but it became much quieter once I put it on my delicate parts. The Liberty is the first vibrator I’ve ever used with the capability to overwhelm me with lust for days on end, and the more you use it, the more different sensations you experience! For someone with a sensitive clit like me, 6 intensities is perfect!

"Mistress Mona" with medium clitoris sensitivity: Because Liberty is a little louder than others, it is best to use when listening to music or while taking a bath. As a veteran user, the intensity is not so enough.

"Magic Fingers" with low clitoral sensitivity: The intensity is generally weaker than other models I’ve tried. I can feel a little pleasure when using it myself, but my girlfriend with high sensitivity enjoys this toy very much.

The only one that can connect to app control & suitable for all users
【We-Vibe Melt】

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“Devoted Geek Girl” with high clitoral sensitivity: Having a long-distance relationship with my Taiwanese boyfriend, I could only phone or facetime him for some sexy time, until I came across this toy. Both of us just need to download the app and Melt easily connects to the app. It’s really made for long-distance couples! I put the vibrator onto my clit, and anticipate the unpredictable adjustments from my boyfriend, which makes the excitement the more enjoyable!

"Mistress Mona" with medium clitoris sensitivity: This is most suitable for people like me who like strong massages to the clit. I think its vibration is stronger than Womanizer Premium, so it is also my favorite toy♡ I can also connect it to the mobile app to play with my boyfriend overseas, giving him full control even from a distance ;)

"Magic Fingers" with low clitoral sensitivity: It has a powerful advantage over other vibrators with its We-Connect app. I only need to slide my fingers on the phone screen to control the intensity, which is in line with my preference of the occasional back and forth of intensities from the lowest to the highest. Personally, the vibration is still not as strong as Womanizer Premium, but it is enough to make me come. The edge of the nozzle is relatively thin but unexpectedly comfortable, and the body is compact and easy to hold, making it one of the best choices for partner play.

Unique 12 suction vibration modes & suitable for novices and veterans alike
【Lelo Sona 2】

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“Devoted Geek Girl” with high clitoral sensitivity: The intensity is generally too strong for me to handle. Just starting from the first level already feels more like strong beating for me, which is quite overwhelming. I tried playing around with the different vibrational modes, and it indeed feels much better. Wave is my favourite pattern.

"Mistress Mona" with medium clitoris sensitivity: I love and appreciate the vibration mode of SONA the most, especially the 2/3/4/11 short shock mode among the unique 12 kinds of sucking vibration modes. It’s a toy that imitates a real person sucking the clitoris, teasing me. Reminder - the 12th mode is the most intense, so it’s best to adjust the intensity to the lowest (hold the (-) button) once it is turned on, otherwise you might not help it but come!

"Magic Fingers" with low clitoral sensitivity: For me, it is the most stimulating among the vibrators listed in the article, but on the contrary, it is similar to beating rather than sucking — Womanizer's vibration distribution is widespread, which is easier to transmit the vibrations to the depth of the clit, while Sona 2’s is more concentrated and strong, strong yet not as comfortable as Womanizer to me. Secondly, the Wave mode in the vibration mode is the same as the shape. The vibration force gradually becomes stronger and weaker. It is the most popular with the public, second to the long-term earthquake, and is my favorite mode.

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Exclusive Cruise Control cruise mode & suitable for novice to experienced
HOT!【Lelo Sona 2 Cruise 】

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“Devoted Geek Girl” with high clitoral sensitivity: The cruise control mode is the key to making me orgasm every time. Right before I come, I would press the vibrator onto my clit. That direct increase in intensity feels really enjoyable and stimulating, but being more sensitive, I would reduce the intensity a couple levels before pressing so that the increase in 20% would not make me overwhelmed.

"Mistress Mona" with medium clitoris sensitivity: I personally recommend SONA 2 Cruise over SONA 2! Because I like to stimulate the clitoris more vigorously, the Cruise Control of SONA 2 Cruise is suitable for me. When I want more, I simply apply extra pressure onto the clitoris, and Cruise will automatically increase the intensity by 20%, guaranteeing me extreme pleasure and orgasms. Love it!

"Magic Fingers" with low clitoral sensitivity: Because of a single function, Sona 2 Cruise justifiably wins over Sona 2 generally. When the passion is built up to a certain point, my girlfriend gives me a last push and presses the vibrator on my clit, activating the reserve of 20% intensity, adding the icing on the cake for a leg-trembling orgasm.

Fanatic News and Review on Sona 2 Cruise:

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The only vibrator capable of simultaneous C and G Spot stimulation with suction:
【Womanizer DUO】

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“Devoted Geek Girl” with high clitoral sensitivity: It is difficult for me when it comes to insertion of bigger vibrators, plus I don’t have the most sensitive G-spot, G-spot vibrators were never my cup of tea. However, the DUO manages to relax me with its clitoral suction first so I can then easily insert the g-spot vibrator. DUO brings me snippets of pleasure and excitement.

"Mistress Mona" with medium clitoris sensitivity: This kind of duo stimulation is top-notch! DUO's G-spot vibrator has the greatest shape I’ve ever tried ;) Once it is put in, the G-spot is precisely stimulated! I came even before the G-spot vibrator vibrated, covering the shaft with my juices!

"Magic Fingers" with low clitoral sensitivity: The nozzle is harder than Premium’s and more like The One’s. The vibrational distribution lies around the middle of concentrated and widespread, and it feels very comfortable. When the two-fold vibrations collide, it produces a unique sense of profound pleasure. I especially like to use it when masturbating, and satisfy my needs of the two sensitive parts.

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