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LELO SORAYA WAVE - the Swinging Rabbit Vibrator!
Imitates NOT ONLY Come-Hither Fingers, but also Actual Thrusting!

I believe everyone knows what G-Spot Vibrator or Rabbit Vibrator is; There are tons of them in the market including thrusting or swinging ones to mimic the feeling of penetration from real sex and to stimulate the G-Spot. However, it is so difficult to find one that is elegant, functional and quiet...

Lelo Insignia - Soraya Wave is just released and it matches all the said requirements! With Wave as a part of its name, it has the WaveMotion™ Technology to mimic the come-hither motion.

Discovered that Soraya Wave Hits Closer to Home as Penis Penetration!

Soraya Wave has two main features - the swinging function, so you don’t have to move your hips at all; and the plating on the side of the shaft. One might not think too much about this luxurious attribute at first glance, but right after you’ve used it, take a closer look at what wetness it’s collected ;)

【A Romantic Night with Soraya Wave】

The Vibrator that Knows how to Swing?! [Tested] Sharing with you the Four Methods to Use!

I first used the clitoral sucking vibrator We-Vibe Melt to warm up. When there’s enough wetness, I pulled out Soraya Wave, applied water-based lube, and...

Method #1: Grip onto The Handle, Experience the Come-Hither Shaft

Grip onto the handle and slowly insert Soraya Wave into the vagina, then turn it on through the middle button and allow it to show off its WaveMotion™ Technology. LELO’s patented WaveMotion™ Swinging Function is inspired by the fingers of a lover. This imitation of the come-hither motion directly presses onto the G-spot. Basically, once you put it in, you could feel it applying pressure onto the G-spot. However, everyone’s G-spot is located differently, so the sensation can vary.

Having activated the function, Soraya seductively beckoned me into a greater high. Gradually building up, I finally decided to take the matters into my own hands. Wanting to take it up a notch, I grasped onto the handle and began quickly thrusting back and forth. When thrusting, you do not always need to move it the traditional way. Instead, you could move according to the shaft’s curves and Wave Motion, and thrust it with style. Nevertheless, the way to use Soraya Wave is up for you to explore.

Method #2: Experience Missionary - The Dirty Dangle Style

When my arms are tired from thrusting, I put pressure onto my clit with the external vibe, allowing Soraya to swing as it pleases!

The Feeling Actually Transformed from Come-Hither Fingers into Missionary Thrusting!

At that moment, I was fantsising the spicy boat scene in 365 days, because the thrusting reminds me of the guy thrusting in a Missionary position, while he stimulates the clit with his thumb. The whole experience is extremely fulfilling physically and mentally.

Method #3: Let it Go, and Use Your Thighs as Support

Mistress Mona definitely loves to be served! A typical rabbit vibrator does not swing, so I usualy need to manually move it, but Soraya is strong and independent. I could let go, lay on the bed, spread out my arms or watch porn on my phone, and have my thighs support Soraya Wave, letting it be in charge, just like a gentle lover.

Method #4: Slightly Tilt Soraya Wave, and Let Go to Feel the Back and Forth Thrusting

Versatile Vibe - Can be pulled away when needed

Soraya Wave’s external and internal stimulations are well-designed, and the external head is super flexible. The G-spot vibrator is not too bent and can be angled differently for a different kind of stimulation. Unlike some rabbit vibrators that have a fixed vibe and a shaft that cannot be angled differently. When my clitoris wants another kind of stimulation, I use my own clitoral sucking vibrator and tilt Soraya Wave slightly to the side. Alas!

There was this more intense feeling of Soraya Wave back and forth thrusting ON ITS OWN!
What a thrilling pleasure!

Because of Soraya’s swinging WaveMotion™ technology, you can experience it as long as you can let go. Thanks to Soraya’s thicker body, it feels filling as soon as you turn the angle. Soraya’s rounded tip would not cause discomfort. As for the shaft, this is the first one I saw with a metal plating on the side of it.

【ABS Metal Textured Plate】

Knowing the previous generations of LELO Insignia - Soraya, Soraya & Soraya 2 are designed with two concave and safe ABS plastic coated with metal strips, which are intended to create a sense of vacuum suction. The current, more evolved generation, Soraya Wave, only has the plating on the head, exuding a particularly luxurious aesthetic. At first I was afraid that it would hurt, but I didn't feel anything after trying it. On the contrary, I discovered its peculiar function when I took it out without much thought -

The Cream is Collected on the Plating,
Forming a Visually Stimulating Sight!

Usually, after using a typical rabbit vibrator, the cream would end up on both the head and the bottom of the shaft; While on Soraya Wave, it is concentrated on brand plating, rendering myself a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment...


Satin Storage Bag, Water-based Lube, and USB Charging Cable included

With LELO Soraya Wave being a gentle and dominating lover, you can slowly thrust yourself and build up the pleasure, without the pressure to orgasm/squirt immediately; or I can let my hands free and give control to Soraya, which also makes me very comfortable. The double pleasure and impact generated by "Internal Wave & External Vibration" provide an alternative and refreshing stimulation. Mistress Mona personally recommends Method #2, to experience missionary - the Dirty Dangle style, while pressing the vibe onto the clitoris, and just let Soraya swing inside, taking you to a whole new level of pleasure ;)