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The Legendary Masturbator that You Should Know, 【R-20】!

There's always a classic in everything and 99% of the time they're renowned by their reliability and fantastic sales. This is no exception in the realm of fleshlights, the Toys Heart R-20 First Generation is the classic of sex toys. It was born in 2009 and has been one of the most revered masturbator to have had decent sales for over a decade. One of our beloved wanta customers even used to buy these every few weeks, now that's dedication! We're that to most of you enthusiasts out there, the R-20 is close to a household name, which is why we're turning the tables for this review. This time we, the team of Wanta Sex Toy Enthusiasts, have tasked our newest addition to the team Monsieur Moon, to review this unit. We shall see how our newbie (to the team and to the world of sex toys!) thinks of the R-20, and if he can survive the wrath of this Legendary Classic.

A Newbie Tries The Legendary Masturbator, R-20

Titled the “classic”, the R-20 is perhaps one of the most well-known male masturbators to veterans out there. Of course to a newbie like me, I must try this legendary product!


“Trust me, you do not want to do this “quickly.”

This First Generation of R-20 does not have the flashiest of packages, it remains modest with an anime girl on the cover. The R-20 is packaged in a simple box, wherein it is placed in a sealed plastic bag alongside the provided lubricant. The first two things that came to mind was one, that the material is interesting but comfortable to the touch, it does not feel cheap and feels quite sturdy and well-built. Two, this thing is HEFTY. One look at the specs will tell you that this pink dongle-like toy weighs 405g on its own, I did not expect a masturbator to be this weighty, and tossing it around just makes it all the more amusing to the unboxing experience.

I’ll be honest, I very promptly tossed the package onto my bed, sneaked to the toilet, turned on the fans--my usual personal space--so that I can very quickly enjoy it. And, trust me on this, you do not want to do this “quickly”. When I slipped this thing on, it felt comfortable but not mind blowing, it’s like a sleeve that comfortably wraps around the penis, which was a good sign of greater things to come.

Sensational Breathtaking Experience

“HOLY SHIT, this thing sucks... my dick!”

The moment when you actually move and use this thing however, HOLY shit, this thing sucks, in a good way. Not only does it provide an enveloping feel, this thing has actual suction on it, which compared to just using your hand, brings the experience to another world. Despite the masturbation cup not being extremely tight by itself, the design of the interiors allows a suction mechanism which clings onto you when you move it back and forth, providing a sensation that only hands can never provide. Remember the hefty weight I mentioned? With the suction, it adds to the natural realism of the experience despite some hindrances. Add a well-chosen adult video to the mixture, for a non-frequent user of masturbation cups, results in a literal breathtaking experience of total immersion and sensation overload.


The major downside to this, especially for me, will be the size of this cup. It is not small to say the least. Normally I don’t think it poses much of a problem, but paired with this 19cm cup, even when fully erect, there remains a couple of centimeters of the cup dangling at the end. Which makes for an awkward situation where if you grip the cup from the side as you will in a normal masturbation position, the wanking motion causes the excess end of the cup to wag around like an excited dog’s tail. It’s only worsened when you feel a major part of the weight being flung around up and down at the end--it can prove as quite distracting from the enjoyment, and serves as a constant unsolicited reminder that I am biologically unlucky.

The size also means that there is no way that this cup can ever be low-profile, with its length, it is hard to conceal it in cabinets or corners, so my solution is to put it back in its original package--plastic wrap, box, shopping bag and all. This means that I am disincentivised to use this whenever I want to as it’s going to be a hassle to take it out and put it back every single time. It may seem excessive, but when you live in a family of four and share a bunk bed with your sibling in a small room, you don’t really have a choice.


“I want to use it more so than just the traditional wanking way and always go for the classic.”

Despite its flaws, after using it once I keep finding myself wanting to use it more so than just the traditional wanking way, the experience is phenomenal and certainly is worth it for its price. I would highly recommend this R-20 to be your very first masturbator! Even though I am not able to use every inch of it, you can definitely challenge it! Toys Heart also released The Second(Toy's Heart R-20 Puni)and Third Generation (Toy's Heart R-20 Third) of R-20, they have different sizes and lengths. Go check them out now!

【Limited Time Offer】

For each purchase of The First Generation of R-20 is gifted with a Toynary AP07 Anal Cone!

(Valid until September 9)


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Toynary AP07 Anal Cone - 2.3cm Diameter

Toynary AP07 Anal Cone is made with 100% silicone and it is safe and durable.

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