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I Actually Tried the 360-degree 【Revolving Dragon】Cup!
Bet if a Woman Used it on Me it would be Much More Stimulating!

Creating Novel Ways to Thrust and Swing, while Training up Your Sexual Stamina, with Leten Spinner!

This time, the Wanta's Team of Sex Toy Enthusiasts has recruited an "Otaku" (extreme homebody guy) who has been playing with sex toys for 2 years - "Zettai Ryōiki Lover". He has played with different brands, including Tanga's classic cups, manual and electric fleshlights. However, this toy that he has decided to challenge is totally on an unknown lane compared to his usuals - the Leten Spinner.

This Leten Spinner is indeed different from other products. It's mainly used to train one’s endurance through spinning, with patterns ranging from continuous to bursting, to unpredictable spins! One can even add their thrusting and swinging methods into the mix --- actualizing the almighty move of the 360-degree revolving dragon! Yes, your own revolving dragon! How powerful is it exactly? Well, allow me to show you.

When first opening the package, the cup is in plain sight. Included are the softest elastic fillers and flexible cock rings, a small stick that aids inserting the filler, as well as a pack of lubricant, three small boxes, instructions and a company introduction pamphlet. In the three boxes respectively, there are two fillers of different firmness, and a USB magnetic charger.

The wine bottle shaped Leten Spinner, unlike ordinary masturbators, is not at risk of embarrassment from being accidentally discovered by others! It has a moderate size, making it convenient for storage! The vibration is not loud, so it’s much harder for others to find out. Basically in the shower or with the faucet on, you won't hear motor sound, which is very suitable for Hong Kong’s tiny living environment. There are 3 intensities, 10 rotation patterns, and 3 different fillers, which will surely meet various needs!

When using it, first apply the appropriate amount of lube on your dick. The moment you insert, you are immediately met with the enveloping feeling. The silicone filler covers every nerve of the head. Just one command and your penis would be under a trance!

The 360°【Revolving Dragon】Cup

One press of the [+] button on the handle, I first encountered the surprisingly long spin. Another press and it’s the short spin. Everything is so unpredictable to me at the beginning, feeding into my eager anticipation. No matter how strong a dick is, every single one will be defeated by this charming little devil. However, the first time I was ready to surrender and cum, something in me felt like something was missing. I wasn’t satisfied with surrendering this way, so I held on, and this time apart from mere spinning, I applied the thrusting technique to create a 360-degree Revolving Dragon! I pressed onto the [-] button, and prepared for a tough battle! With my back against the wall, imagine sitting on an ascending roller coaster, and my heart was beating quickly to the unknown I was about to experience. Under this intense friction, my head went blank, a satisfying groan and it’s like I left my body for a second! Later on, I noticed that I have definitely become more resilient. It must be the power of this small wine bottle!

The Spinner is extremely easy to clean after use. Just take out the filler and wash it with water. Invert it and pat it down with a towel or paper towel for quicker drying. Because it is more difficult to install the filler by hand, the stick is there to give you a little push.

Paths to Prolonged Stamina with Leten Spinner

Out of my expectations, this wine bottle is so powerful that it can fully grasp the essence of improving one’s stamina: the temptation to cum! Start off with stimulating at a certain frequency and stop just when you’re about to cum. The filler’s inner wall is designed to create pressure that reduces sensitivity. Then, resume stimulating with said frequency, and repeat the process until you’ve decided to cum.

Not satisfied? Not a problem! Of course, you can use the other fillers with different toughness to and go overtime! One even more exciting method: Just a part of the cup is inserted, and utilise the sides to stimulate the head and crown. At the same time, adjust the angle to find the most comfortable angle for your head. An instant upgrade to the 360-degree Revolving Swinging Dragon! That stimulation is truly beyond words! Usual blowjobs might not be enough, so watch out!

Partner Play with Leten Spinner

Apart from mastubating, couples can also incorporate this wine bottle into their sex! The other half has control over the Spinner. Not only is the frequency, but also the angle and thrusting speed are totally out of your control! They get to enjoy witnessing your expressions, halting all stimulation the moment you seem most comfortable. Even when you want a little stimulation, you could only depend on them. If you’re into this type of teasing, definitely go for it!


This Leten Spinner is a starting toy worth giving a try. Bet within a short amount of time, you could become the most long lasting version of yourself, taking your time enjoying both your sex life and life in general.

【Limited Time Offer】

For each purchase of Leten Spinner is gifted with a SOD Lotion!
(Valid until September 4)

Product Details>>

SOD Lotion - Passion(Black)
High viscosity type, thick, rich texture but long lasting.

- water-based
- odorless
- colorless
- moisturizing
- silky smooth

Made in Japan