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You must know the power of C and G Spot Duet Stimulation!

" We decided to challenge this
The Squirting Machine!"

After the two Wanta Sex Toys enthusiasts finished testing the Womanizer, seeing the enthusiastic response from everyone, we decided to challenge WomanizerDUO this time. DUO is a combination of a suction vibrator and a G-spot vibrator, a double-head vibrator! Hearing about this design already m! Since the Womanizer itself is already an absolute orgasm machine, by adding a G-spot vibrator, could this be the squirting machine we all have been looking for? 

Our Wanta Sex Toys enthusiasts were all fascinated by DUO's exquisite and elegant packaging when unboxing! The box comes with an extra nozzle, a storage bag, USB magnetic charger and an instruction manual. We personally like the black and gold color storage bag, coupled with gold buckle tassels for decoration, it exudes a particularly feminine and noble aesthetic.

Cum & Enjoy Womanizer DUO Now!

" I came already once I put it in! "

Duo is similar to the rabbit vibrator, but it is different in a sense that it uses the signature suction vibrator from Womanizer to replace the traditional vibrator. 【The Signature Technology - Pleasure Air Technology】can more effectively stimulate the entire C-spot and make users climax; The G-spot vibrator has an extremely ideal curved design, as well as the perfect length and width, totally fitting! What I admire most about this G-spot vibrator is how despite its head being at most 3.5cm wide in diameters, its body narrows down to only about 2.5cm wide in diameters. It feels much more comfortable when the vaginal opening is not being enlarged forcefully. This matte surface is particularly comfortable to use as well.【G-spot immediately located!】As soon as you put it in, you may have cum even before activating its vibrations!

" The Duet of C and G Spot Stimulation
I couldn’t stand the intensity that I was going to squirt! "

Firstly, apply a water-based lube on the G-spot vibrator, then insert it into the vagina. After putting it in, the G-spot vibrator presses onto the G-spot just right. The external suction device finds the C-spot easily. Depending on the person’s own structure, find a suitable position before turning it on (the button is behind the body), then activate vibration mode. Having both the internal and external vibrators pinpointing the C- and G- spots at the same time, it makes me love and hate DUO 😭 This C and G duo can even reach a point where it’s unbearable! Yet, it’s so satisfying! It will definitely make people feel so comfortable they feel like they’re out of their body for a second. DUO’s【Duet Vibrational Force】is like a 360-degree stimulation on the entire vagina! It gives you an【Extremely Filled Feeling】. As you are no longer limited to a C-spot orgasm, Womanizer DUO is really stronger than Womanizer Premium, once again elevating your pleasure experience to a new level in a sense that you could experience a mixed orgasm! When I kept pressing the G-spot with the vibrator, I couldn’t stand the intensity that I was going to squirt! When I adjusted the vibration power of both heads to the strongest, the vibration of DUO went from inside to outside and back, turning the intensity to the max, which makes it seem like that I have turned myself into a human vibrator.

" Another way to hold DUO is to clinch it with your thighs. "

If you usually like to use two toys, one on the outside (with Womanizer), one pushed in or pressed onto the G-spot, this two-in-one toy can help you make things more convenient. When using it to stroke or apply pressure onto the G-spot, the silicone suction nozzle outside grazes over and stimulates the C-spot, forming an indescribable pleasure. Moreover, the soft suction mouth covers the surrounding of the clitoris instead of generating direct impact to it, not making the clitoris pain. Another way to hold DUO is to clinch it with your thighs. You and your hands can finally take a break. Just let go of your hands and let yourself enjoy this duet vibration.

The suction vibrator and the G-spot vibrator can be controlled separately. There are 4 buttons on the control pad: the upper right is to control the suction device - there are 12 kinds of vibrational modes; the lower left is to control the G-spot. There is also a button that switches the vibrational modes. Of course, DUO is also equipped with "Smart Silence" which is activated only when it touches the surface of your skin.

Remember to charge DUO for 2 hours before using. Make sure that the DUO is fully dry, and then connect the magnetic USB charging cable to the 2 small round pins on the base of the body to start charging. At first, our Wanta Sex Toys Enthusiast couldn't see the that button flashes. She didn't know if it was charging, and she was confused. It turns out that when charging, the inside of the nozzle flashes, and it lights up when it is fully charged. After charging, you can enjoy your sexy time!

All in all, Womanizer DUO is this double head vibrator that can take care of your internal and external needs ❤ giving you an【Extremely Filled & Squirting Feeling】!

Cum & Enjoy Womanizer DUO Now!