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Hitachi invented the "Magic Wand Vibrator"?!

Have you heard of these Fun Facts & Story of How Hitachi invented the Magic Wand Massager?

Magic Wand

(Formerly called the Hitachi Magic Wand)

If you do not live under a rock, you would know Hitachi, a company that is well-known for producing numerous electrical appliances. Apart from seeing fridges and air conditioners branded with its name, did you know Hitachi manufactured a wand that became a popular clitoral massager for decades?

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Fun Facts


It all started in the year 1968 when the Magic Wand was invented. Despite its familiar name to avid sex toy users nowadays, the original packaging didn’t even have the “Magic Wand” words on it. It was simply “Hitachi Massager”. The phrase “Magic Wand” was added in about 1969. Iconic, renaming a soon-to-be popular clit vibrator in the year 69.

Its sole intended use is for health care, giving consumers a massager that soothes sore and tensed muscles. There were also instructions and photos of a model using it on shoulders, arms and back.

The early design of the massager was a wand handle with the black cylindrical shaped head and flexible neck.


It is not surprising that body massagers have often been co-opted as vibrators. Naturally with even fewer options back then, it was more common for body massagers being used as clit vibrators. The Magic Wand stood out from the crowd, quickly building its reputation through lots of great press by the mid 70’s.

The gain in popularity all started in the early 70s, when it was discovered as a great vibrator by a sex educator and artist Betty Dodson, who is also a pioneer for advocating vibrators for women. She had been experimenting with various brands of massagers, and came to the conclusion that Hitachi’s former product was the best out of all. It was so good that she used the device for demonstrations in workshops and recommended it in her book “Liberating Masturbation” published in 1974.

Design-wise, since the mid 70’s, it has been featuring the iconic off-white, more rounded smooth head with the single groove you see today.

Magic Wand even appeared in a famous TV Show, Sex And The City!


All this time, Hitachi has been denying the Magic Wand’s existence as a sex toy, to the point that there was clear unease knowing their product was famous as the ultimate masturbation accessory.

The monumental shift of distributors occurred in 2000. They had a falling out with their US distributor, American Appliance Corporation, leading to the decision to cease production. People were taking advantage of the no-production period, and the prices of Magic Wands skyrocketed on eBay. Eventually, they inked a deal with Vibratex, a sex toy distributor, as their new distributor. Till then, Hitachi still ironically rejected Magic Wand being a sex toy.

Even when times were changing and sex toys were becoming less of a taboo, in 2013, Hitachi decided again that they didn’t want to sell a sex toy and wanted to pull the plug on the product. Vibratex saved the extinction of the Magic Wand and convinced them to remove the Hitachi from the name instead and sell them as the “Magic Wand Original” that was advertised in the rebranding debut in 2014.

It remains as one of the best-selling vibrators of all time. Up to the year 2017, it still accounted for over 75% of Vibratex's total sales.

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Designed to be an actual appliance, it is undeniably strong and durable

Having extremely strong vibrations, this amazingly luxurious massage wand can benefit your whole body, not only for the clitoris, but also for the shoulders, back and legs. Imagine after a long day of madness, give yourself or your partner a shoulder massage, then go down to the waist and slide the wand even further downwards…making it an ultimate relaxation experience.

To quote Shay Martin, the owner of Vibratex, “It's not unheard of for people to use the same Magic Wand for 10 to 15 years.” The wand is so sturdy, which makes it a really worthy investment. With roots in GD kitchen appliances, intended as a body massager, it's no surprise that the product is well-made. Shay says, "Whenever you buy sex toys now, they usually have some kind of verbiage on the package that says, 'Sold as a novelty toy' whereas this thing is an actual appliance, so it's well-made, it's gonna last a really long time." Compared to its counterparts, the Magic Wand truly beats all of the toys in terms of durability.


The Magic Wand can be way too powerful. It has an extremely strong motor, delivers vibrations up to a power-packed 6300 RPM. If you have a really sensitive clit, this is certainly not the right toy for you, since the lowest intensity setting might even be too overwhelming. If you are interested in trying out these types of classic vibrators, our store offers you a variety of alternatives.

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Of course, when something gives you such a good feeling, it’s normal to want to go back to it over and over again. The reputation for vibrating wands is that it can lead to overexhaustion to the clit, such as discomfort or pain, because of the direct contact to the clitoris. Overusing however does not mean it would desensitize the clitoris, which is a myth debunked by experts.
One of the solutions of such a problem is clitoral sucking vibrators, which do not stimulate through direct contact, preventing much pain from frequent use.

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