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5 Main Thoughts on Suction Vibrators

1.) I got Womanizer Premium, my very first one as a gift from a friend, and I’ve had incredible orgasms from it. It satisfies my clit like how it is during oral sex, sucking onto the clit and except it can be much stronger and it never gets tired.

2.) I cannot go back to using typical bullets or wand vibrators anymore, and even if I’ve tried them again, the pleasure they give is not as satisfying and strong as how clitoral suction vibrators offer. This clit vibrator does not touch the clit directly, so the clit feels little to no pain. I've spent hours immersing myself in pleasure using it.

3.) I am personally impressed with how different it is to a typical bullet vibrator or wand vibrator, in a sense that the special design allows you to place the vibrator surrounding your clit without having to touch it, simultaneously sucking your clit and sending vibrations to the deeper nerve endings underneath the surface, giving me extremely intense pleasure.

4.) During sex, having a partner penetrating vaginally, hitting the G spot, while using a clitoral vibrator, strongly stimulating the C spot, the combination creates a mind-blowing mixed orgasm that even as a person who has quite some sex stamina, I needed to take a break from how intense it is.

5.) I’ve understood my body even better through these clitoral vibrators, because of its more all-rounded stimulation. That is how I discovered that my intensity threshold is quite high, so I can tell my partner how I like to be pleased, increasing the quality of sex.

Thoughts in detail

I have always thought about buying my own clitoral suction vibrator, because I learnt that they are designed with a unique technology that stimulates the clit more all-roundedly, and why stop just on the very surface of my clit? My very first product on this series of vibrators - Womanizer Premium - was fortunately gifted to me. Ever since then, I couldn’t go back. I have tried a few more vibrators like Lelo’s Sona 2 and Sona Cruise 2, as well as a not so well-known brand, Omysky’s pulse sucking Beckoning Flower. And the more products I’ve tried, the better I understand what I like. I did not regret investing in these products because they all contribute to improving quality of not only my masturbation sessions, but also sex. However, if you are tighter on your budget and know exactly what you like, I have some experience to share that may help you with starting your journey with suction vibrators.

“What is so different about these suction vibrators than the typical ones?”, you may ask. There is just much more versatility with them compared to the ones that don’t suck. To start with a little information about the clit, it is not only the tiny bean outside, but it extends to a much larger entity inside. Hence, I am personally impressed with the special design that allows you to place the vibrator surrounding your clit without having to touch it, simultaneously sucking your clit and sending vibrations to the deeper nerve endings underneath the surface. Because of this, it doesn’t directly stimulate the clit, like what conventional wands or other vibrators do. There is little to no discomfort playing with my clit using a suction vibrator, and I could go hours on end, with a strong orgasm after a strong orgasm, if time allows. Since there are vibrations on the suction part, I can also position the vibrator to directly stimulate the surface of my nerve bundles, giving me more flexibility of how I like to be pleased. As opposed to the typical vibrator, these suction vibrators offer a more all-rounded pleasure to the entire clit.

One thing to note about choosing the right suction vibrator for yourself, is to know what you personally like, because everyone’s clit is somewhat different. You may want to start by knowing how you like pleasing your clit while masturbating. Do you like a consistent rhythm? Or strong pressure? Even though some products can have all the functions, you might not need them when you only like certain ones. Every product I am about to talk about can satisfy your personal needs.

Womanizer Premium

Womanizer Premium

This is my favourite vibrator among the ones I’ve tried. Coming with four different colours, the black is my personal preference because it looks the most elegant to me. It is sleek and simple to control. The part that makes main contact with the clit is detachable, making it so easy to clean. It has the widest variety of functions, including Smart Silence (only activates when it senses your skin), autopilot (randomly generating 12 vibrational patterns) and its vibrational intensity has the highest setting I have ever experienced. Since I prefer a higher intensity, this vibrator definitely serves what I need, sealing the deal of making it my favourite of all time so far.

Appearance: 8 / 10
Intensity: 9 / 10
Function: 9 / 10
Personal Overall Rating: 9 / 10

Lelo Sona 2

Lelo Sona 2

The design is really minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing. The black colour, among the others that are purple and pink, is also my first choice. Packed with functions, same with the Womanizer Premium, it has 12 vibrational patterns, but the difference is that the highest intensity is not as strong as the Womanizer Premium, which explains my lower personal rating. However, it has a unique and smooth wave vibration that stands out among all the patterns. The vibrations gradually transitions from strong to weak back and forth, manifesting the feeling of waves, pleasing the clit in a very comfortably stimulating way. It is definitely a great option for those who prefer rhythm over intensity.

Appearance: 9 / 10
Intensity: 6 / 10
Function: 8 / 10
Personal Overall Rating: 7 / 10

Lelo Sona Cruise 2

Lelo Sona Cruise 2

A slightly upgraded version of the Lelo Sona 2, this vibrator is mainly identical to its counterpart. The only and significant difference is its automatic Cruise Control function. 20% off its full power is reserved during normal use. Despite after using it for a while and it starts to drop power, when Sona 2 Cruise is pressed harder against the body, that reserved 20% energy is unleashed, maintaining the intensity of the vibrations. It is obvious that this would be a suitable toy for those who like a bit more pressure at the end with consistency in intensity.

Appearance: 9 / 10
Intensity: 7 / 10
Function: 9 / 10
Personal Overall Rating: 8 / 10